Agfa gana el contrato digital de la radiografía con HealthTrust

por Brendon Nafziger, DOTmed News Associate Editor | October 05, 2012
Agfa Healthcare said Thursday that it won a five-year contract for eight digital X-ray systems and detectors with the group purchasing organization HealthTrust Purchasing Group.

The contract, which took effect Oct. 1 and lasts until May 31, 2017, covers Agfa's complete direct radiography portfolio. This includes the DX-D 30C wireless detector, DX-D retrofit detector, and the DX-D 10 and 20 portable detectors, as well as the ceiling-mounted DX-D 500n, the motorized DX-D 300, the mobile DX-D 100 and the fully automatic, ceiling-suspended DX-D 600 with dual cesium iodide detectors.

Agfa said the contract is available to HealthTrust's 1,400 acute care facilities and 10,000-odd ambulatory surgical centers and doctors' offices.

Agfa has worked with the GPO since HealthTrust began in 1999.

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