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El pasillo médico del OEM de la proyección de imagen recibe la concesión del FDA

por Brendon Nafziger, DOTmed News Associate Editor | June 06, 2012
Later this month, the Food and Drug Administration will recognize the Medical Imaging & Technology Alliance, a medical imaging OEM trade lobby, for its work in helping to reduce ionizing radiation exposure to children undergoing diagnostic scans.

MITA said Tuesday it received the FDA's Leveraging/Collaboration Award for setting up a collaborative network to reduce pediatric radiation exposure, and will be formally recognized by the agency's medical device division on June 18.

Children are at higher risk from ionizing radiation, partly because they have more years ahead in which cancers can develop. And the issue appears to have recently landed on the FDA's radar. In May, the agency released a guidance document urging manufacturers to test X-ray devices specifically for their safety with children, and to label them if they haven't been so tested.

MITA also takes part in the "Image Gently" campaign, which seeks to teach doctors and parents about appropriate imaging protocols for younger patients.

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