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El arranque de Kinect PACS coge el ojo de Microsoft

por Brendon Nafziger, DOTmed News Associate Editor | June 07, 2012

Nonetheless, the group has already attended some shows, tagging along to HIMSS this year and RSNA last fall with another Waterloo-based company, Client Outlook, which makes eUnity, a Web-based medical image viewer.

When the program ends

For now, though, Tremaine and Brigley are working through the accelerator, which closes up June 28. (The third co-founder, Strickland, had to go back to his residency in Toronto, Tremaine said.)

Although the $20,000 seed money has obviously been helpful, Tremaine said so far the real value has come from the mentorship -- whiplash and all. "Just meeting people who really know various aspects of the technology, and the business and entrepreneurship," he said. "There's an incredible wealth of knowledge that's being thrown at us."

On the day I called, Tremaine had already been through five meetings, part of a round-the-clock schedule he described as "pretty intense."

"Yesterday, I woke up at 7 a.m., had a 15-minute walk to (campus), and I left work at midnight," he said.

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