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por Michael Johns, Project Manager | May 22, 2006
Job listings bring the right people
and the right job together
Whether filling a position or seeking a new opportunity, the job listings on DOTmed have what you need.

Filling a position
Healthcare facilities, service companies, and laboratories gain access to 12,000 potential candidates who use DOTmed each day. Engineers, nurses, radiology technicians, and others review these listings every day. Get their attention with your position and display your company name and phone number to make it easier for candidates to reach you.

Seeking a NEW opportunity
Job seekers gain access to career opportunities across the country and around the globe. Healthcare facilities, service companies, and laboratories all have positions available. Find the right job by searching each week on DOTmed.

A few highlights of recent positions:
Nuclear Service Engineer Position Available

Salesperson Position Available

Veterinary Salesperson Position Available

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