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La clínica de Cleveland imagen-realza su EMR

por Brendon Nafziger, DOTmed News Associate Editor | March 05, 2012
Cleveland Clinic is updating its electronic medical record system so doctors can view X-rays, ultrasounds, photographs, lab samples and other medically relevant images as well as written reports on a patient's EMR, the Plainer Dealer reported on Monday.

The Ohio newspaper said the six-year-old project is important because while other health facilities allow access to radiological images in the EMR this also includes pathology scans and ER photographs to document trauma cases. "No image left behind," as Louis M. Lannum, the hospital's director of enterprise imaging, told the newspaper.

So far, the world famous medical center has a 650-terabyte disk data center (one terabyte equals 1 trillion bytes). But imaging is data hungry, and Cleveland Clinic is considering expanding to a cloud-based remote archiving system, the newspaper said.

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