Nuevo curso llano profesional de Sonora con el Nickel©

por Michael Johns, Project Manager | May 17, 2006
Students receive a
Sonora Nickle in the

This 1/2 day class is to be scheduled as an extension after a 2 1/2 day Advanced Course and integrates the Sonora Nickel© test device into product specific training. Attendees in Advanced Training will first learn areas of systems not taught at factory courses such as advanced probe maintenance, comprehensive system and board-level troubleshooting techniques, and Total Ultrasound Quality Assurance.

After learning the specifics of a system, students in the Professional Level Course will learn how to use the new Nickel© to effectively troubleshoot the system and probes.

The tuition for the Professional Level Course includes a Nickel©. The Professional Level Course is only available as an extension of the Advanced Course.

For more information on the Professional Level Course, or any of Sonora's Training offerings, please call 888-476-6672 and ask for the Manager of Marketing, Greg Layson at extension 681.

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