Segundo unidad de Mammo de la mirada del ICAD SL 200

por Michael Johns, Project Manager | May 03, 2006

This week's Featured Auction:

Auction No. 2285 : ICAD SL 200 Second Look Mammo Unit
The Second Look 200 from iCAD is an affordable film-based Computer-Aided Detection (CAD) system that reliably handles low mammography volumes to help you detect breast cancer earlier.

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Self-Managed Auctions
Look below to see several of the new Self-Managed Auctions to be posted online.

Auction No. 2858 : HITACHI MRP 7000 MRI Scanner
The system was maintained by Hitachi Medical Systems America since it's installation at that location. Hitachi's notes for the system's monthly PM's and their engineer had maintained the unit to meet specifications. All the coils had normal or above normal performance when scanned for SNR. The unit is still up and running, in excellent condition and can be deinstalled and removed immediately.

Auction No. 2860 : GE ProSpeed SX Power CT Scanner
ProSpeed SX Power. Manufactured 1997. 3.1 Million on the gantry. MX 165 tube with 58,000 Slices. I console. 6.03 software level. MOD. DICOM. 36 kW generator. Deinstalled 1/16/06. Software. Manuals. Phantoms.

Auction No. 2864 : SIEMENS Coroskop Top Cath Lab
1992 Single Plane, Polydoros 80S Generator, Coroskop Koordinate Floor Mounted Table, Megalix Tube Replaced 2002, Tri-Field Image Intensifier, 27mm (Largest Field), Videomed S TV System, High Core Digital System

Auction No. 2852 : WELCH ALLYN Spot Vital Signs BP Bedside Monitor
Welch Allyn is a bedside portable monitor. Designed with your health and comfort in mind, comes with accessories.

Auction No. 2844 : ESAOTE Artoscan/E-scan MRI Enhancement workstation
MRI Enhancement workstation Contextvision SharpView Extremity. Suitable for all UNIX based Esaote/Lunar Artoscan and E-scan. The result is a 20-30% increase in S/N ratio!

Auction No. 2801 : ATL HDI 3000 OB / GYN Ultrasound
HDI 3000, software version: 4252-0848-16.18, mfg date 08-96 OB, Gyn/Fert, Color Power Angio, NTSC Video, Access Disk Link, Color M-Mode, Frame Grab, Triple Mode, 3D Color Power Angio Imaging, TSI Patient Optimization includes Sony UP-1850MD Mavigraph Color Video Printer.