¡Seminario del Blackberry del abastecedor de la salud de Homecare - HOY - 27 de abril!

por Michael Johns, Project Manager | April 26, 2006
Let a BlackBerry
help you get more done
On Thursday April 27 from 12 to 1pm EDT, the BlackBerry Enterprise Resource Center will offer a free webcast entitled "BlackBerry for Home Care-Enabling Field Nursing and Caregiver Staff."

If you are wondering how to take advantage of downtime, process your work more efficiently, and get more done, then the Blackberry webcast is for you.

A BlackBerry is a pocket-size device for entering data into a database and linking this data with your office database.

The seminar will instruct homecare health care administrators and field staff on various BlackBerry-compliant products can, as the Resource Center notes, can enable the delivery of "21st century medicine at the point of care."

The webcast will also be posted for later listening.

To access the BlackBerry webcast NOW, Click here: Access the Blackberry Webcast NOW

Here is the link to the original story: Blackberry Webcast

Our thanks to Kansas City Nursing News for this timely information.