FDA para reformar a comité médico de las drogas de la proyección de imagen

por Brendon Nafziger, DOTmed News Associate Editor | August 03, 2011
The Food and Drug Administration said Friday it was seeking to re-establish a medical imaging drugs advisory committee.

In a notice published in the Federal Register, the agency said it was calling for nominations to make up the expert committee that would offer advice on the safety and effectiveness of contrast media, radiopharmaceuticals and other imaging agents.

The proposed committee would contain 12 voting members, including a chair, with specialties in nuclear medicine, radiology, epidemiology and statistics, who would serve overlapping, four-year terms. One member would probably be a consumer advocate. For balance, the committee might also include one non-voting member representing the industry.

The rule for the committee starts Friday, but then expires May 18, 2013, unless renewed by the FDA commissioner.

Nominations for would-be committee members are due by Sept. 27.

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