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Los E.E.U.U. Med-Equipan el contrato concedido como Primero-Llaman abastecedor del equipo médico arrendado para el sistema del hospital de LSU

Press releases may be edited for formatting or style | May 31, 2011
HOUSTON (May 27, 2011) US Med-Equip, the innovative provider of movable medical equipment rentals, sales and service, today announced that it has been awarded the contract to serve as first-call provider for the rental of movable medical equipment for the Louisiana State University (LSU) Hospital System, one of the nation's largest public healthcare delivery systems. The contract is managed by Amerinet, the national healthcare group purchasing organization.

"This is a great day for US Med-Equip and we are proud of the confidence that LSU Health and Amerinet have placed in us," said Greg Salario, vice president of business development for US Med-Equip. "While we have served several LSU hospitals and clinics over the years, this new relationship recognizes the scope of US Med-Equip's capabilities and our commitment to service that puts patient care first," he said.

US Med-Equip's record of service to LSU Health and its innovative, proprietary equipment tracking and reporting technology were two attributes that helped secure the contract, according to Salario. In addition, he said cost-conscious healthcare executives find US Med-Equip's equity option, which enables customers to apply a portion of rental payments toward an equipment purchase, to be an attractive benefit.

Commencing this month, the new agreement encompasses medical equipment rentals for LSU Health locations across the state including hospitals, clinics, schools and specialty facilities. US Med-Equip will provide these facilities a wide range of medical devices as needed, such as respiratory, monitoring, infusion, neonatal and many other types of movable medical equipment. US Med-Equip provides 24-hour service to the LSU Health System through its offices in New Orleans, Shreveport and Lafayette, Louisiana.

US Med-Equip's proprietary online equipment tracking and reporting software, called SMARTS, is a management tool available to LSU Health managers and executives system wide. Using bar coding and sometimes RFID technology to prevent lost equipment, the SMARTS software platform provides healthcare organizations improved tracking and management of medical equipment rentals, said Salario. Over its 11 year history, he adds, the software has evolved to a best-in-class platform used by individual hospitals and across healthcare enterprises.

"Using our SMARTS platform, managers are enabled with the tools to manage their equipment and budgets. They can log on and track the location and status of their rental inventory, receive prompts for medical equipment that is coming due for preventative maintenance, view invoices and create reports on usage and expenses," said Salario. "That kind of information at your fingertips is invaluable for effectively managing medical equipment needs and costs."

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