Las enfermeras unen para tratar la escasez del oficio de enfermera

por Michael Johns, Project Manager | April 10, 2006
Nurses Joining Together
As we reported last week, the Nursing shortage is an issue that has been developing for years.

This week we learned that required overtime for nurses and pay raises lagging behind inflation are key factors in this shortage.

In response to these pressures, the Nurse Alliance of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), a national organization created by and for nurses, is launching the Value Care, Value Nurses campaign to raise standards for the nursing profession, improve the quality of patient care by bringing nurses back to the bedside, and lead the way to lasting reform of our health care system.

The SEIU website,, states that: 'SEIU nurses all across America have discovered that by working together we can help create a health care system that brings out the best in everyone.

That's why we're asking all nurses to become part of SEIU- so our voice can grow stronger and we can do even more to help people get well.'

For more information on how Nurses can join forces to address their needs, go to the SEIU website:

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