MedPro, Inc. Es DOTmed un especialista certificado en lasers cosméticos Pre-Poseídos

por Barbara Kram, Editor | March 22, 2006
MedPro uses its own
vehicle to ensure safe
delivery of equipment

MedPro, Inc. buys and sells pre-owned aesthetic lasers and IPL systems (Intense Pulsed Light are multi-platform systems used in a number of cosmetic procedures.)

"What makes us different from others in the industry is that we're not equipment brokers. We have found that the business model that works best for us is to be an equipment dealer," explained President Mike Moreno. "We actually own all the equipment we are selling. We bring it in house. We have a full-time technician. We do a complete refurbish if it needs it or preventive maintenance checkup to ensure that it meets original factory specifications."

Of course, MedPro also fixes any cosmetic flaws on the equipment. But what also sets them apart are the value-added services that reduce the risk of making an investment in the first place. In addition to on-site service and full parts and labor warranty, MedPro has its own vehicle and driver because using commercial carriers may result in damage to the delicate machines. A training nurse from MedPro spends a day on site to train customers. And a marketing director provides a customized marketing kit with tips, forms, and instructions on everything from answering the phones to pricing procedures.

"We try to provide everything as if they had purchased a piece of equipment new," Moreno said. This added support may not be needed so much by established dermatologists and plastic surgeons, but more and more MedPro customers come from the ranks of other specialists who see cosmetic procedures as potential profit centers. Things like hair removal, treatment of sun damage, skin rejuvenation, vascular lesions, skin resurfacings, wrinkles, varicose veins, can all be performed or treated in the practice without depending on insurance reimbursement. By helping his customers grow their new practice offerings, Moreno is also building his market.

"I know if a customer is successful with two pieces of equipment, when it comes time for the third piece, they will come immediately back to me because they were successful with the framework that we provided."

DOTmed is an important part of the mix for MedPro. "A good majority of our business comes from our Internet presence. Being able to get our name out there through DOTmed has really allowed us to reach people we weren't reaching with our normal marketing effort," he said. "The 'DOTmed Certified' logo says you are going to stand behind your products and do everything you can to make sure the transaction goes smoothly. It's an added security blanket for buyers."

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