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La tecnología de la proyección de imagen mueve almacenaje del imán de MRI adentro

por Brendon Nafziger, DOTmed News Associate Editor | July 22, 2010
The new warehouse

Image Technology Consulting, LLC is bringing its MRI magnet storage indoors.

The parts and service company is moving into a 80,000-square-foot facility next month where they can provide indoor cold storage for over a dozen magnets while offering vendor service-neutral storage plans, DOTmed News has learned.

The new warehouse, in Lancaster, Texas, just six miles south of Dallas, is 16 miles north of the company's current shared 33,000-sq.-ft. facility in Waxahachie, Texas.

The move allows Image Technology to provide indoor cold storage for up to 18 magnets as well as a repair base for high-end mobile equipment, Marshall Shannon, the company's president, said.

Working indoors is key, Shannon said, as it allows workers to better maintain the delicate, multi-million dollar equipment, and not have to cancel needed repairs, such as changing out air conditioning in MRI systems, because of inclement weather.

"This is Texas," Shannon said. "It can rain a whole day."

Also, there's better security within the warehouse, as thieves are known to rip the extension wires out of the belly box of parked magnets to sell the copper inside, he said.

Vendor neutrality

Shannon said he plans on making storage options vendor-service neutral.

"We'll store your mobile," he said. "I don't care who works on that mobile."

Already, the company has struck deals with major OEMs like GE Healthcare and Philips Healthcare to use their facility as a place to store and work on their mobile equipment, while, for a fee, borrowing Imaging Technology's scissor lifts, fork lifts and other heavy-duty machines.

"They can use our fork lifts, and get things repaired inside in a controlled environment," Shannon said.

Dallas county and the surrounding region is a hub of high-end medical equipment service and parts companies. Shannon said he gets along with local businesses, and expects many to use his space.

"We don't cut throats," Shannon joked. "We stay friends with everybody."

Shannon expects to begin operating from the new location by August 15.