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NIMH pledges $3.8 million to functional MR study
Analyzes brain activation patterns with AI and fMRI
GE Healthcare -Ensuring Optimal Patient Care

Ensuring optimal patient care: 3 critical strategies employed by clinical engineers How leading organizations are avoiding patient care disruptions, enhancing efficiency, and addressing workforce challenges

Study shows the limitations of machine learning in neuroscience research
Functional MR imaging on its own is more accurate
Midmark 626 Barrier-Free® Examination Chair with Patient Support Rails+ Improve Patient Health with Better BP®
Midmark designed the first and only fully integrated point of care ecosystem that has been clinically validated to achieve improved accuracy for a resting BP.
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Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology installs first Siemens MAGNETOM Vida in the US
First Siemens MR scanner to carry BioMatrix technology
MR study shows how different football positions impact brain damage
First time DTI and fMRI used in conjunction
Swedish researchers map brains of patients with prosthetic limbs using 7T MR
Progress in pursuit of fake limbs that feel real
Using functional MR to predict suicidal tendencies
Revealing alterations in brain patterns in response to concepts such as death, cruelty, and trouble
Mayo Clinic installing first clinical 7-Tesla MR scanner in North America
Siemens MAGNETOM Terra expected to be operational by end of year
MR detects neurological impairments in newborns with CHD before surgery
Detects brain impairments even before cardiac surgery
MR can predict outcomes of brain surgery for epilepsy patients
Study accurately predicts if surgery will eliminate seizures in epilepsy patients
UK and German universities to install MEG systems
New brain imaging system records healthy and pathological brain signals