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40% of hospitalizations of older adults with dementia could have been prevented: study

Inpatient admissions for pneumonia and heart failure could have been avoided if patients had access to high-quality outpatient care

MR reimbursement decline surpasses all other imaging modalities

Decrease in Medicare payments took place between 2007 and 2019

Less than a quarter of RNs in the US feel safe working at their facility

Only 9% of 21,000 nurses surveyed reported they did not have to reuse single-use PPE

How scenario planning yields advantages for providers in unprecedented times

Mitigating effects of crises like the COVID-19 pandemic on practices

Private radiologists struggling to stay afloat amid COVID-19

Seeing 40% – 90% decreases in examination volumes

US imaging volumes plummet 55% amid COVID-19 pandemic

New study confirms imaging volume losses of 50% – 70% at healthcare facilities

Boston physicians advise peers to abandon routine daily chest X-rays in ICU

Should instead be used on demand, when there is a clinical indication

Emory Healthcare shares lessons for keeping CT exam schedules on time

Improving start times from 11% on-time to over 80%

Hospitals could see margins sink to -7% in second half of 2020

Many can expect margins of -3%, even with CARES Act funding

HHS sends $10 billion in CARES Act Funding to hospitals

A second round of financial support as hospitals continue to struggle

Another strike: Hundreds of California healthcare workers walk off the job this week

As execs collect bonuses, frontline workers call for better conditions