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DOTmed WebStores
They Open the Door to More Sales!

A Company WebStore showcases all your DOTmed listings in one location without any competition.

  • Buyers get a clear view of your entire inventory so you maximize your presence online and promote cross-selling.
  • To see examples, please click here.

It's automatic

When you open your WebStore, we'll instantly stock it with:
  • Your Virtual Trade Show Booth header
  • All your DOTmed Listings

It's always up-to-date

We'll automatically update your inventory every time you change your DOTmed listings.

DOTmed promotes your Webstore two ways:

  • There's a "Visit My WebStore" link in every one of your listings.
  • There's a Webstore Directory on every page. If you list in that category, you're in that Webstore

A WebStore lets you post hundreds more listings

Look at all the extra listings you can post in your Company WebStore with these upgrades

  • Executive Basic Package: 250 Listings
  • Executive Standard Package: 300 Listings
  • Executive Premium Package: 350 Listings
  • Elite D2D Package: 400 Listings
  • Elite D2C Package: 400 Listings
  • Elite Enterprise Package: 500 Listings

It's Email-able

You can send your entire WebStore to potential buyers, so they'll see your inventory, and yours alone.

What does it cost?

You can open a WebStore for just $95/month and you can post up to 250 listings in it -- this WebStore Package also comes with Pro Upgrade Listings and a Basic Virtual Trade Show (VTS) listing. Want to post more than 250 listings? Start with an Executive Level Standard Package for $120/month, that comes with Pro Upgrade Listings and a Basic VTS Booth and 300 WebStore Listings. An Executive Premium Package comes with 350 WebStore Listings. WebStores comes standard with all Elite Level Packages at no extra charge and let you post from 400 to 500 listings.

With this package you'll have a Standard or Premium Booth in the DOTmed Virtual Trade Show, which also gives you priority placement of your company listing and link to your Booth when Buyers search or browse categories. You'll also get maximum visibility for your Classified Listings. You can also get a deeply discounted rate with a Power User Discount Package.

Add additional users

You Company WebStore enables one person to post listings and all those listings display that person’s contact information. You can, however, purchase additional WebStore posting rights for other salespeople. Their listings will run in your Company WebStore so everything stays under one roof, but their listings will show their unique contact information. When you add additional WebStore users, your Sales Manager will get a Sales Command Center so he can see all activity at a glance. Additional users are just $70 per month (equivalent to a Pro Upgrade $50 + WebStore $20).

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Harlow Scientific on DOTmed WebStores and Customer Service

Thank you for the follow up. Yes, I spoke with David, my Project Manager, yesterday. He was extremely helpful and answered all of my questions. He walked me through all of the necessary steps to get our web store up and running. We are very pleased with your service and staff thus far. It's nice to see a company that cares about their customers, thank you for all of your help.
Joseph LaFrange of Harlow Scientific

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