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Permanent archiving makes E-Advertorials a permanent value

E-Advertorials are placed on the front page of DOTmed's Emailed Weekly News — just like Text Ads — right in the middle of the leading news stories so your customers can't miss them. When people click on an E-Advertorial, it takes them to the complete story, which will appear very much just like the sample you see here.

The added value of E-Advertorials is archiving – they permanently reside on DOTmed after they run. That means weeks, months, or even years from now, people will still be linked to your story from Google searches if they use the right search terms. You can also post the link to the story or email the link to the story any time you want.

Add Photos and Links

E-Advertorials can run to any length you want, just like a feature story. It's a great tool to use when you have a big story to tell. You can have several pictures included in your E-Ad, and a link to your website or sell page.

You Sales Rep will help you post it and you can easily edit it right up until the night before transmission.

Just $995 per Mailing -- With permanent archiving at no extra charge!

Call 212-742-1200 x 237 or email sales@dotmed.com to learn more.

DOTmed.com, Inc. reserves the right to refuse any advertisement, advertorial or e-advertorial that is deemed inappropriate, disparaging, or offensive.

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