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July 08

Asking Price:
$500 USD

February 03, 2020
  • Title: Alcon Constellation Wanted
  • Category: Vitrectomy
  • Equipment Manufacturer: ALCON
  • Equipment Model: Constellation Wanted
  • Comments: Alcon Constellation Wanted

GRIESHABER Air System Vitrectomy For Sale

/Grieshaber Air System, good used condition. Sold as-is, no returns accepted.... view more

July 07

Asking Price:
$195 USD

Bob Gaw / PRN
phone: +1 (508) 679-6185

ALCON Accurus 200CS Vitrectomy For Sale

Alcon Accurus 200CS Includes footswitch, powers up.... view more

July 07

Asking Price:
$875 USD

Bob Gaw / PRN
phone: +1 (508) 679-6185

ALCON Accurus 400, 600DS, 800CS Vitrectomy For Sale

Alcon Accurus Total Plus, 25+ Vitrectomy Pak, 8065751493, expire 5/31/2020... view more

July 07  

OCULUS REF 54416 Vitrectomy For Sale

Oculus HD Disposable LenZ for Zeiss... view more

July 07

Asking Price:
$65 USD


INSIGHT INSTRUMENTS REF 40411 Vitrectomy For Sale

Insight Instruments SUPER VIEW Disposable Lens Set Part number/Catalog number REF 40411 1 Each Wide Field Lens 1 Each Correction Lens 1 Each "Hassan-Tornambe" Contact Lens 2 Each Drive Belts 1 Each... view more

July 07

Asking Price:
$50 USD


ALCON ACCURUS Vitrectomy For Sale

Alcon/Infinitech 8065011020 disposable endo illuminator, 20 gauge.... view more

July 06

Asking Price:
$55 USD


BAUSCH & LOMB MVE Vitrectomy Wanted

Purchasing Bausch n Lomb MVE systems. Please contact... view more

July 06  

BAUSCH & LOMB MVE Vitrectomy For Sale

MVE to use with the Bausch n Lomb Millenium. Great condition. We service and recondition before delivery. Warranty is included.... view more

July 06  

VOLK Surgical lens set Vitrectomy For Sale

1 Volk Central Retinal Vit Lens 1 Volk MiniQuad XL Vit lens 1 Volk Case Excellent... view more

July 06  

ALCON Accurus 400VS Vitrectomy For Sale

This system comes complete, serviced, and with warranty. This is POSTERIOR ONLY 400VS. It does NOT have high speed or the small... view more

July 06  

ALCON Grieshaber Vitrectomy For Sale

Membrane Peeler Cutter, excellent... view more

July 06  

ALCON CONSTELLATION Needed! Vitrectomy For Sale

NEED! Alcon Constellation LXT System w/ PurePoint 532 NM Laser LOOKING TO PURCHASE ANY CONDITION ALCON CONSTELLATION. If you have a ALCON CONSTELLATION system in any condition, I am... view more

July 05