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The combined ratings across the registered users below qualified these companies for DOTmed 100 for 2024. The companies are listed alphabetically, not by numerical position.

Una combinación de la calidad de sus grados 5-Star y del número total de los grados individuales combinados determinaron a los ganadores 5-Star. En negrilla indica DOTmed Certified

DOTmed User Calificación promedio
52999 Inc. Jay Nathwani starstarstarstarstar
AA Medical Dave Lux starstarstarstarstar
ac professional services Charles Amanfo starstarstarstarstar
AGITO Medical Josefine Pedersen starstarstarstarstar
AGITO Medical Baha Zrik starstarstarstarstar
Agito Medical ApS Pia Nielsen starstarstarstarstar
Al Aziz Importex Global Shoaib Furqan starstarstarstarstar
All2be limited H Temiz starstarstarstarhalf star
Alternative Source Medical Monte Montain starstarstarstarstar
Alternup Medical Eddy Rechagnieux starstarstarstarstar
Amber Diagnostics John (JB) Brant starstarstarstarstar
Amber Diagnostics Bobby Serros starstarstarstarstar
Amber Diagnostics Cameron Serros starstarstarstarstar
American Radiology Resource David Pac starstarstarstarstar
American Radiology Resource Matthew Pac starstarstarstarstar
Anatolia International Trading FZE Danish Mukhtar starstarstarstarstar
AR MEDICAL SOLUTIONS LLC Avner Reoven starstarstarstarstar
Arrow-Tech Medical systems M.Naveed Ahmed starstarstarstarstar
Arrow-Tech Medical Systems Abdul Basit Rasool starstarstarstarstar
Artec Group Services, LLC Frank Bleischmidt starstarstarstarstar
Arthurdan Susan Holbert starstarstarstarstar
Asset Mover Jennifer Mixon starstarstarstarstar
ATLAS O.E, LLC Mariela Rodriguez starstarstarstarstar
BIOMEDAH HAMED ADEL starstarstarstarstar
Budget Medical Cliff Godlevsky starstarstarstarstar
Capital Medical Resources Lee Ann Purtell starstarstarstarstar
Cash4Lasers.com Rory Tringali starstarstarstarstar
Coast to Coast Medical Kevin Blaser starstarstarstarstar
Coast to Coast Medical, Inc. Jesus Carlos starstarstarstarstar
CV Medical Jackie Williams starstarstarstarstar
Danan Endoscopy Systems, Co. Nancy Rodriguez starstarstarstarhalf star
Danan Medical Systems Daniel Finerman starstarstarstarstar
Didage Sales Co. Ryan Pannell starstarstarstarstar
Didage Sales Company, Inc. Kim Hensley starstarstarstarstar
Dobbs Medical Sales, Inc. Jeffrey S. Dobbs starstarstarstarstar
Dr MEDICA Greg Kozluk starstarstarstarstar
East Indian Company Yadav Nathwani starstarstarstarstar
East Indian Company, Inc. Patterson Reece starstarstarstarstar
ECHOTECH Engineering Ltd. Serkan OZTAS starstarstarstarstar
EdgehillMedical LLC Lloyd Owusu starstarstarstarstar
Elite Medical Teddy Cohen starstarstarstarstar
Endoscopy Specialists, Inc. Jacob Glaser starstarstarstarstar
Equipment Resale Inc. Phil Cate starstarstarstarstar
Everest Medical Solutions (HK) Co., Ltd. William Davis starstarstarstarstar
Everest Medical Solutions (HK) Co., Ltd. Miley Zhu starstarstarstarstar
EWAVE INC Jay Desai starstarstarstarstar
Foresight International Judy Pottinger starstarstarstarstar
Gate Medical LLC Asal Kazemy starstarstarstarstar
GB Tech USA Inc Adrian Garcia starstarstarstarhalf star
Global Biomedical Service srl Giovanni Lombardo starstarstarstarstar
Global Inventory Management Alison Fortin starstarstarstarstar
Global Medical Parts on Line Anwar Syed starstarstarstarhalf star
Gopher Medical, Inc. Steve Ziegenhagen starstarstarstarstar
Gormedic Aleksei Gordienko starstarstarstarstar
Goshen Medical Ken Pukay starstarstarstarstar
Grand Med Trading company Ali Bin iqbal starstarstarstarstar
Green Medical Company Limited Takahashi Yoichiro starstarstarstarstar
GRUPO CERVI S.A. Miguel Cervantes starstarstarstarstar
GSMED Esteban Gaitan starstarstarstarstar
gsmed imaging Gina Pérez starstarstarstarstar
Heartland Ultrasound Aaron Osgood starstarstarstarstar
Heritage Radiology, LLC Stephan Anderson starstarstarstarhalf star
HERO Healthcare Equipment Recycling Organization Georgia Dufault starstarstarstarstar
Hessen Medical Technology Ltd Salman Elahi starstarstarstarstar
HK FY-MEDTRADING CO., LIMITED Clement Lau starstarstarstarstar
Hospital Equipment Services BV T. Simons starstarstarstarstar
Houston Liquidator F. Guillen starstarstarstarhalf star
IMEXMED Iulian Lazar starstarstarstarstar
International Medical Equipment Mike Raychouni starstarstarstarstar
International Medical Equipment Jay Baydoun starstarstarstarstar
International Medical Equipment Inc Al Baydoun starstarstarstarstar
iRad Sales Group Jeff Rubinoff starstarstarstarstar
iRad Sales Group Frank Borst starstarstarstarstar
Issste juan Garcia starstarstarstarstar
JDP Medical Technology (H.K.) Co., Limited Maud Chou starstarstarstarstar
JZZN Products LLC Jonathan Lopez starstarstarstarstar
Kingsbridge Healthcare Mike Solot starstarstarstarstar
KMA Remarketing Lori Weidow starstarstarstarstar
Laproman Endoserv LLC Sam Kanaan starstarstarstarstar
LBN Medical Mehdi MTA starstarstarstarstar
LBN Medical Jesper K. Nielsen starstarstarstarstar
Lex-Tech, Inc. Adam Rudinger starstarstarstarstar
Logic S.r.l. Alessio Guida starstarstarstarstar
Logic S.r.l. Stefano Polvi starstarstarstarstar
LS DigiServ GmbH Taufik Gholam Sarwar starstarstarstarhalf star
Lysis Healthcare GmbH Sebastian Tautscher starstarstarstarstar
Made Modern Jamie Chilton starstarstarstarstar
MAG Medical Equipment Jordan Doan starstarstarstarstar
MAG Medical Equipment Brian Magpantay starstarstarstarstar
Manta Medical Equipment Ian Kinnebrew starstarstarstarhalf star
Medco Blue Eric Albring starstarstarstarstar
Medco Blue Kyle McGee starstarstarstarstar
Medco Blue Garrett Monasmith starstarstarstarstar
Medco Blue Tom Shrader starstarstarstarstar
Medco Blue LLC Ryan Shrader starstarstarstarstar
MedExpert d.o.o. Nino Varga starstarstarstarstar
MedGill Ltd Abubakar Gill starstarstarstarstar
Medical Equipment Dynamics, Inc. Garret Purrington starstarstarstarstar
Medical Laser Resources LLC Alison Bouck starstarstarstarstar
Medical Source Group LLC Mike Shapiro starstarstarstarstar
Medicopex GmbH Florian Dickopp starstarstarstarstar
Medilab Global Corp. Rodrigo Henao starstarstarstarstar
Mediproma B.V. Rick Meerkerk starstarstarstarstar
MediRam Europe Rami Marom starstarstarstarstar
Medparts24 Rafal Pizon starstarstarstarstar
Medspares Aor Hulme starstarstarstarstar
Medsurplusonline Mary Field starstarstarstarstar
Medsurplusonline Brenda Stein starstarstarstarstar
Medsystems Rafal Pizon starstarstarstarstar
medUSA Gavin Anthony starstarstarstarstar
METROMEDICAL IND. INC. Dan Murphy starstarstarstarstar
Mid-America Medical Nancy M. Mills starstarstarstarstar
MID service, spol. s r.o. Daniel Chovanec starstarstarstarstar
Montmed Medical Equipment Montasser El Sayed starstarstarstarstar
MOONS GmbH Paul Keller starstarstarstarstar
Mountain Family Products Ross Jacobs starstarstarstarstar
Moxie Medical LLC Noah Zimner starstarstarstarstar
MTM Medical Collin McRoberts starstarstarstarstar
MTM Medical Inc Matt McRoberts starstarstarstarstar
MT OSTEOSUPPLIES LLC Maria Toloza starstarstarstarstar
NORD RPK Medical Payam Eskandari starstarstarstarstar
Ovation Surgical Cody Wright starstarstarstarstar
Ovation Surgical, LLC Scott Mattfeld starstarstarstarstar
PE MEDMIR Oleksandr Liashko starstarstarstarstar
PRAISTON Lukas Prais starstarstarstarstar
Prime Medical Instruments, Inc. Chris Leman starstarstarstarstar
Professional Medical Sales David Torres starstarstarstarstar
Professional Medical Technology Patrick Chapus starstarstarstarstar
Prontodepot B Johnson starstarstarstarstar
Pro Scope Systems Stuart Jackson starstarstarstarstar
Quest Medical Supply, Inc. Clinton Courson starstarstarstarstar
R2 Surgical Ryan Koleda starstarstarstarstar
R2 Surgical Tom Shrader starstarstarstarstar
Raynor Shine Ent Bruce Raynor starstarstarstarstar
Redstone Healthcare Martin J. Masel starstarstarstarstar
Redstone Healthcare Keith Rubenstein starstarstarstarstar
Relmedic Antonio Gonzalez Montemayor starstarstarstarstar
Renew-Surgical Tim Tajiev starstarstarstarstar
Robersondistribution S Widmer starstarstarstarstar
'R VENTURES MEDICAL INC Robin Santana starstarstarstarstar
'R Ventures Medical Inc. Justen Santana starstarstarstarstar
SakoMed Matin Kondori starstarstarstarstar
SA MEDICAL FRANCE Fischer Sassi starstarstarstarstar
S&C Global Medical, LLC Carlos Santamaria starstarstarstarstar
Sentient Lasers Eric Graham starstarstarstarstar
Shenyang Xity Trading Co., Ltd. Nina Shao starstarstarstarstar
Short Dated Surgical Steven Gluck starstarstarstarempty star
Simple Solutions, Inc. Philip Mothena starstarstarstarstar
Sonotech d.o.o. Novi Sad Martin Novak starstarstarstarstar
SR Supplies Jack Rosen starstarstarstarstar
STAT Biomedical, Inc. Shannon Moore starstarstarstarstar
Surgamed Steven Gluck starstarstarstarhalf star
TECHTRADER D LACOMBLEZ starstarstarstarempty star
Tekyard LLC Ali Rehman starstarstarstarstar
Terrain Biomedical & Consulting Mark Waldrop starstarstarstarstar
The Alternative Source Medical LLC Rick Kopin starstarstarstarstar
totalcxinc.com Luis Duarte starstarstarstarstar
Trinity bargains LLC Debbie Abina starstarstarstarstar
Trust Medical LLC Michael Beck starstarstarstarstar
Turtle Med Abu Ahmed starstarstarstarstar
Umed.SAS Semeraro Mario starstarstarstarstar
United Medical Instruments Joe Ghanavati starstarstarstarstar
United Medical Instruments Steven Kelley starstarstarstarstar
U.S. Materials Management Scott McClendon starstarstarstarstar
US Med Equip Theresa Wilson starstarstarstarstar
US Med-Equip Gurmit Bhatia starstarstarstarstar
Venture Medical ReQuip, Inc. John Pritchard II starstarstarstarstar
VET-TRADE Amaury Masbernat starstarstarstarstar
Vomark Technologies Volodymyr Markevych starstarstarstarstar
W7 Global, LLC. Wayne Kramer starstarstarstarstar
W7 Global, LLC. Michelle Rogers starstarstarstarstar
Wenterprises Medical William O' Donnell starstarstarstarstar
X-Ray Parts Abe Steiner starstarstarstarstar
ZRG Medical Tony Lively starstarstarstarstar
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