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Used PET/CT Mobile/Scanners (732) 262-3115

Nationwide Imaging sells only the finest pre-owned equipment, with PETs being our specialty. Your installed system is fine-tuned and worry-free, because we stand behind our work. Get the best for less -- at Nationwide.

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Diagnostix Plus - Trade In Offer On Your Old SPECT Cardiology System

Trade in your non performing SPECT cardiology system for a high return PET camera. Reliable SPECT, PET & PET/CT systems at a fraction of the cost of new. Call Diagnostix Plus @ 201-530-5505 www.Diagplus.com

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Pre-Owned Philips Gemini TOF 16 W PET/CT (2007) System DOM: July 2007 Tube installation: Around 2010-2011 but was not heavily used as there were 2 PET/CTs in same department. The tube, as of last... view more

October 28  

SIEMENS Biograph 6 PET/CT Wanted

We are looking for an operational Siemens Biograph 6 scanner that can be available within 30 days. We will deinstall and remove. Other Biograph 16 or higher maybe accepted. Ready to... view more

October 27  
phone: +1 (847) 550-9990

SIEMENS Biograph 6 PET/CT For Sale

2005 Model. Installed by Siemens refurbished in 2012. Software version: VB4OB. Call for scan counts and photos. Still installed. Available... view more

October 26  

GE Discovery 8 Slice PET/CT For Sale

GE Discovery ST PET CT Scanner 2003 8 Slice PET CT, Octane Computer, Xeleris Workstation, NEW TUBE 2010, 4 Million mAs, 4,255,478 Gantry Rotation, 70cm Wide Bore, DICOM, 3D, Available... view more

October 26  

Refurbished Diagnostic Imaging Equipment 1-866-682-6331

SPECT, SPECT/CT, PET, PET/CT & CT equipment available from all major OEM manufacturers. ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 certified in sales, repair, refurbishment, installation, service 24/7 support. Call 1-866-682-6331 or sales@ttgimagingsolutions.com.


GE Discovery PET/CT PET/CT Wanted

Need to rent and/or buy a GE or Siemens PET/CT Mobile. Please send all available... view more

October 26  

GE Discovery PET/CT Wanted

Need good PET/CT 16 Slice. Ready to... view more

October 26  

SIEMENS Biograph 6 PET/CT For Sale

Pre-Owned Siemens Biograph 6 PET/CT Scanner. Manufactured in 2004; Dura 422 5.0 MHU X-Ray Tube replaced June 8, 2018; X-Ray Tube approx. 170k scan seconds; Workstation: ICS 10B; Independent... view more

October 26  

PHILIPS Gemini (#127947) PET/CT For Sale

2004 Philips Gemini PET/CT 16 Slice Brilliance/Gemini Software Version: 3.3 ACR Expiration Date: 5/24/19 Medrad Injector Envision. In excellent operating condition. Available for turnkey... view more

October 25  

Marquis Medical - Experts in SIEMENS & GE PET & PET/CT Service & Parts

Our engineers are trained strictly on Siemens & GE PET to Guarantee an expert on all service calls. Our large inventory of PET & PET/CT systems & parts allows us to provide a TRUE Turn-key solution. Ph:866-645-7457

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GE Discovery STE 16 PET/CT For Sale

2004 GE DISCOVERY 16 PET CT—MXR100972 Install date was 7/2/2004 Removal date is set for 7/6/2020 OPTIONS: ----------------------------- • Connect Pro Permanent • VolumeViewer Permanent... view more

October 25  

GE Discovery ST 16 PET CT PET/CT For Sale

GE Discovery ST 16 Slice PET CT Year: 2004 2020 Tube with 11 Million mAs Slice Seconds Location:... view more

October 25  

GE Discovery 4-16 Slice PET/CT For Sale

Our expertise includes start-to-finish projects, from pre-site planning with your architect to construction, equipment rigging, applications training and specialty components. We ensure a smooth... view more

October 25  

GE Lightspeed 16 Slice PET/CT PET/CT For Sale

Our expertise includes start-to-finish projects, from pre-site planning with your architect to construction, equipment rigging, applications training and specialty components. We ensure a smooth... view more

October 25  

We sell Fixed and Mobile PET and PET/CT Scanners

Siemens and GE PET/CT for less-- Fixed and Mobile projects-- from 2-Slices to 64-Slices. Call today 800-722-3646. Or email us at INFO@INTEGRITYMED.COM

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SIEMENS Biograph 16 PET/CT For Sale

YOM : 2010 Item no. : 004067 Status : Pending Incoming Availability : 11-2021 Software Options : Hi-Rez 3 slices Tube YOM : 2013 Tube Count : 995779 ss... view more

October 25  

PHILIPS Gemini TF64 PET/CT For Sale

YOM : 2007 S/N : 7030 Slices : 64 Item no : 003253 Status : In Stock Software Version : Release 3.5.1 Tube Type : MRC800 Tube YOM : 2007 Tube Count : 1 737 095 scan sec, 260 919 counts... view more

October 25  


YOM : 2006 S/N : 4084 Slices : 16 Item no. : 003673 Status : In Stock Software Options : 3D Imaging, LOR reconstruction, RapidView, DoseWise, Logical Guided Flow, ScanTools, Syntegra Image ... view more

October 25