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A. Imaging Solutions

David Stopak, President
DOTmed user since July 2004

2100 Longleaf Trail
Birmingham, AL 35243 USA
Phone: +1 (205) 823-7907
David Stopak, President
Phone:+1 (205) 823-7907

PHILIPS Expression IP5 Monitor For Sale

Philips Expression IP5 Patient Monitor Available Now Located in... view more

January 23  

GE Echospeed 1.5T MRI Scanner For Sale

2001 GE Echospeed 1.5T Short Bore LX Echo Speed RF Channels: 4 Field Strength: 1.5T Gradient Type Naming: Echo Speed Plus Gradient Strength: 33 Slew Rate: 120 Magnet Type: CXK4 Cold Magnet... view more

January 23  

GE MRI Breast Coil MRI Coil For Sale

8CH Breast Coil Available Now Good Cosmetic Appearance Tested and in good working condition Located in AL 90 Day... view more

January 23

Asking Price:
$1,995 USD


SIEMENS Sensation 40 CT Scanner For Sale

2008 Siemens Sensation 40 System scan seconds- 1.37475 updated on March 6th 2019 Tube in good working condition Last Tube Exchange: 07/2018 Tube scan seconds- 120,634 updated on March 6th 2019 ... view more

January 23  

PHILIPS Achieva MRI Scanner For Sale

2007 Philips Achieva MRI System in good working condition Under OEM Service Field Strength: 1.5 Gradient Strength: 33mT 180 Slew Rate 8 Channel Software Level: 2010 No Chiller Water... view more

January 23  

GE Signa Echospeed 1.5T MRI Scanner For Sale

2001 GE Signa Echospeed 1.5T Under OEM Service Contract Average of 12 patients per day Good Cosmetic Appearance Field Strength: 1.5T GemsPRO BRM-D Gradient Coil ASSY Channels: 8 ... view more

January 23  

PHILIPS Big Bore 16 CT Scanner For Sale

2010 Philips Big Bore 16 System in good working condition Under OEM Service Very Good Cosmetic Appearance DOM on Tube: 2010 Tube in Good working condition Software Level: 2.3.5 Air Cooling 2... view more

January 23  

PHILIPS Brilliance 16 CT Mobile For Sale

Philips Brilliance 16 Mobile On the CT: -Date of mfg – Purchased New and delivered on 3/29/2012 - Serial number of system – 6549 – system Type 728246 – Brilliance CT 16 Slice - Scan seconds on... view more

January 23  

FUJI Velocity Rad Room For Sale

Fuji Velocity Units Available Located in NY Call to get info on each unit. ... view more

January 23  

GE HDXT EchoSpeed 1.5T MRI Scanner For Sale

2003 GE HDXT EchoSpeed 1.5T MRI Average no. of Patients per day 12 Field Strength: 1.5T Gradient Information: 33 x 120 Gradient Strength: 33mt Channels: 8 Type of Magnet: Superconducting Last... view more

January 23  

GE LightSpeed VCT CT Scanner For Sale

2006 GE Lightspeed VCT Under OEM Service Cosmetic Appearance: Very Good 64 Slice Scan Seconds on Gantry: 121783871.5 patient 35300370.1 non-patient tube mA seconds os off 7/19/2019 Tube in good... view more

January 23  

SIEMENS Emotion 16 CT Scanner For Sale

2007 Siemens Emotion 16 Last Tube Exchange: 4/2019 Scan Seconds on Gantry: 789986.95 as of 5/16/19 Tube in good working condition Scan Seconds on Tube: 5491 as of 5/16/19 Software Level: VB42B ... view more

January 23  

SIEMENS SOMATOM Sensation 64 CT Scanner For Sale

2009 Siemens Sensation 64 CT Scanner Dual Medrad Injector on a trolly included Under OEM Service Excellent Cosmetic Appearance Average of 4 Patients per day Scan Seconds on Gantry: 354191... view more

January 23  

GE Lightspeed Vct 64 CT Scanner For Sale

2007 GE Lightspeed VCT System in good working condition Last tube exchanged: 4/2018; new Good Cosmetic Appearance Scan Seconds on Gantry: 2,944,315 gantry revolutions 6318 is Patient Exams on... view more

January 23  

GE Signa Lx 1.0t MRI Scanner For Sale

2005 GE Signa LX 1.0T MRI Number of RF Channels: 4 Field Strength: 1.0T Gradient Type: Hi Speed Gradient Strength: 27 Gradient Slew Rate: 77 Magnet Type: CXK4 Magnet Condition: Cold Coils:... view more

January 23