Bernie Glass, Adam Medical Sales



Bernie Glass, Adam Medical Sales

September 12, 2023 01:57

Hindsight is 20/20. How I wish I had heeded the advice of several industry players on this forum and stayed away from doing business with Bernie Glas. I would have saved my hard earned $10,000. This is a whopping amount for most of us and in my case, it has hurt me financially so badly that right now I am facing financial bankruptcy.

As several of you have written, Bernie Glas has been around for more than 30 years and I am pretty sure anyone from any corner of the world dealing in diagnostic medical imaging equipment would have crossed paths with him. In my case, I have known Bernie for more than 20 years or so. I have had a few deals with him and not all of them had gone smoothly. Somehow, I had always been accommodating whenever he has failed to deliver as promised or cheated on one thing or the other. But the last deal I had with him has devastated me to the point of financial ruin.

Here are the facts of my last deal. In November of last year, I entered into a deal with him in good faith to purchase a Toshiba Aquilion 64 CT Scanner (DOM 2011) in the amount of $39,000. He sent me an Invoice on 12/7/2022 for the full amount and I promptly transfered100% of the Invoice amount in 2 payments. He was to send me pictures and images from the machine which he had claimed he had professionally deinstalled and brought into his warehouse. After some delay, he did send me some pictures. I was shocked to find the manufacture tag of the machine read 2005 and not 2011 as promised. Additionally, our deal was clearly for a scanner with Cardiac option and the specifications and the pictures clearly indicated there was no Cardiac option on the system. Upon learning the facts, my customer backed out of my deal stating clearly the machine was not meeting their requirements. I had to follow suit and do the same thing with Bernie. I clearly indicated to him that our purchase agreement stands cancelled and demanded full refund. Bernie started showing his true colors and came up with one story or the other for non-payment. After threatening legal action and intervention from New York-based friends in the industry, I managed to recover a total of $29,000 from him in small amounts spread over 3 to 4 months! 8 Months have since slipped by and I am yet to recover the balance $10,000! What adds to my aggravation is the fact that he has sold the scanner to another buyer immediately after I had backed out and realized the full amount of the scanner that he was selling to me. Being from a foreign country, I am unable to seek recourse from the United States legal system to recover the amount from him. I would greatly appreciate any tips / advice from friends in the industry as to how I can recover my $10,000 from him. In the meantime, let this be another wake up call to anyone trying to do business with Bernie Glas of Adam Medical Sales. I would request DOTmed to blacklist this unscrupulous individual from using your services. Let others not suffer the misfortune I had to encounter!

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