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All Regeneración para Method Medical Traders (2 Ratings)

More weight for healthcare provider ratings

Our users asked us to change the DOTmed 5-Star Rating System and give more weight to ratings from healthcare providers because, as end-users, they are in the best position to evaluate a dealer's products and services. Therefore, if you work for a healthcare facility, your ratings now have twice the value of dealer-to-dealer ratings. Please rate every company you do business with.

General Rating for Shelby Cwirka, by Ken Pukay, Goshen Medical
November 17, 2022

Trusted experienced Dealer we welcome your business thank you!


General Rating for Shelby Cwirka, by Aleksandr Padar, Omikron Vision Group
May 29, 2021

I purchased femtosecond laser and spare optics for the excimer laser, can recommend this seller as a trustworthy one.