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KEITHLEY 35050A Plus X-Ray Service Tools for sale
KEITHLEY 35050A Plus X-Ray Service Tools for sale

A la venta KEITHLEY 35050A Plus Dose Triad kit

  • Asking Price :$2,999.00 USD
  • Condition : Used - Excellent
  • Quantity : 1
  • In Stock : Yes
  • Date : October 01, 2019

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Listing: #1786369

  • Condition: Used - Excellent
  • Brand: KEITHLEY
  • Type: X-Ray Service Tools
  • Model: 35050A Plus
here is a LIKE BRAND NEW deluxe keithley inovision kit with many accessories. i put NEW batteries in all of the 3 boxes a day ago. this kit works just fine and i re-tested it just for the heck of it, but i have to list it as used and as-is according to the rules even though it looks like brand NEW. keep in mind that JUST a new fluke ma/mas meter alone cost 1350.00, i have seen this kit for sale online for 9500 high end and still in cal to ones that are 2500 and low end which were not this nice and out of cal by a few years. note i dont want to bash other sellers, but i test stuff first and just ask yourself this-- do you want to buy from someone who doesnt even bother-- or know HOW to-- put 15 dollars worth of new batteries in an expensive 1000 dollar item, or a seller who does the extra effort and gives you new batteries. for these prices you deserve that small extra detail IMO. another example-- i work service in xray / med imaging-- i dont just sell stuff in it--so i know that the clear plastic cylinder ps in this kit is a collimator alignment tool and it goes with the 8x10 gold /copper colored metal plate and these 2 ps have a part # of 07-661-7662 and cost a ton of $$ new just by itself from fluke this kit was factory caled a few years ago and i can tell you most all the xray test equipment doesnt need caled every year. i have a 15 yr old fluke meter that read exactly like a new one and it has never been caled, but we all know why the gvt wants us to cal stuff now dont we -- wink wink-- $$$. ok, enough complaining. so.. besides the bonus collimator alignment tools, this kit also has a very nice set of HVL--half value layer- aluminum filter plates. new the HVL set runs over 600 last time i checked. the HVL size thicknesses are 0.05mm 0.1mm 0.2mm. 0.5mm 1mm 2mm plates and they ALL look like they have never been used or very very well -taken care of for sure. there are multiples of the thinner plates, not just 1 of each. also with this kit is a set of printed out paper user manuals--1 full and 2 partial--partial means only the good stuff is included there of course. thanks.
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