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Q. Do I have to pay to post a listing on DOTmed?

A. You can post up to 30 Listings at a time on DOTmed free of charge. Expired or deleted listings do not count against your total. If you want to post more than 30 Listings at a time, click on "My DOTmed" then "My Upgrades."

Q. What services does DOTmed charge for?

A. DOTmed charges for certain services to make your listings stand out on the site. To view the fee-based services that are available click on "My DOTmed" then "My Upgrades and Ads".

Q. How does DOTmed make money?

A. DOTmed does not buy or sell equipment or provide any sort of equipment based services.

DOTmed only makes money if DOTmed users choose to take advantage of some of the inexpensive fee-based services outlined under the section "My Upgrades" under "My DOTmed."

Q. What if I was cheated by a DOTmed user?

A. DOTmed does not buy and/or sell equipment and is not involved in the transaction (See our "Legal Notice" for the terms of use of the site) However, you can post your comments in the "Honest & Dishonest Dealings Forum".

Q. What if I was cheated by a non-DOTmed user?

A. You are free to post comments, both favorable and unfavorable, about any company in the "Honest & Dishonest Dealings Forum"

Q. What responsibility does DOTmed have to me if I buy or sell equipment on DOTmed and was cheated?

A. DOTmed has no responsibility regarding transactions on DOTmed. Please review our "Legal Notice". We operate the site solely to make it possible for users to post and view Listings. Please exercise the same caution when buying or selling equipment on DOTmed that you would in any other business transaction.

If you are concerned about a seller, please ask that user to become DOTmed Certified, if they are not already. DOTmed Certified users agree to a Code of Ethics and agree to Binding Arbitration in the event of a dispute. Learn more about DOTmed Certification on our Ethics Page.

Q. How do I cancel a paid Upgrade order?

A. If you placed your order on your own, without the assistance of a salesperson, you can go to My Orders to cancel your Upgrade.

If you have a Power User Discount Package, please contact your salesperson to assist you in cancelling your order.

If you are unsure what type of order you have, please email us

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