Auction Help

What is an Exact Bid?

A. An exact bid means that Your Maximum Bid is the amount you wish to bid immediately. Your bid will be submitted for the Maximum amount at the time of your bid, and no proxying will be done by DOTmed for you.  Top

What is Proxy Bidding?

A. Proxy bidding makes bidding easier for you by making it possible for you to pay less than the maximum amount you are willing to pay for the auction item. When you enter the maximum amount you are willing to pay for an item, DOTmed automatically bids on your behalf up to your Maximum Bid. DOTmed bids on your behalf when others outbid you, or up to the Reserve Price of the Auction (if any). In the case of bids for the same amount, the bid made first wins.

Through the Proxy Bid system, DOTmed will bid on your behalf up to the Reserve Price if it is not yet met, but proxy bids will never go over the maximum amount you are willing to pay. A Reserve Price is the lowest price at which the Seller is willing to sell the item that you are bidding on.  Top

What is the Purchase It! feature?

A. The Purchase It! option will automatically end an auction for a set price determined by the seller. If you choose the Purchase It! option, the auction will end and you will be the winner. The option to Purchase It! will dissappear one day before the close of the auction.  Top

What does the red P next to the bid amount mean?

A. The red "P" next to the bid amount indicates that the bid is a Proxy bid rather than an Exact bid.  Top


What are SMS Alerts?

A. You can sign up to receive an SMS alert on your phone when your auction is coming up the day of the Clean Sweep Auction.

You will receive it around 20 minutes before we estimate that live bidding will begin on this auction. This is just our best guess - We are not responsible if you miss a chance to bid. Bid early and often.

Standard data and texting rates and fees apply.

Text STOP to stop getting these alerts at any time. Text START if you would like to resume receiving alerts.

If you stop watching an auction, your SMS alert for the auction will also be removed. Available to US numbers only.