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Raynor Shine Ent

Bruce Raynor, Proprietor
DOTmed user since August 2010

302 Birch Park Estates
51247 RR 231
Sherwood Park, Alberta T8B1K7 Canada
Phone: +1 7804675448
Bruce Raynor, Proprietor
Phone:+1 7804675448

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MEDTRONIC PHYSIO-CONTROL LifePak 500 with battery & case 30119170-001173 AED Defibrillator For Sale

This AED appears to be in good condition all the way around. The AED was made in 2004, is without damage other than minor superficial cosmetic scratches as seen in the pics. It is a model... view more

April 16

Asking Price:
$328 USD
$295 USD (10% Off)


SPACELABS Digital Telemetry Transmitter 90341 Holter For Sale

This transmitter is warrantied to be in working condition. If more than one unit is purchase the charge per additional unit will be $3. Auto billing will charge the same for shipping on each... view more

April 16

Asking Price:
$75 USD


SIMULAIDS Blue CPR Prompt Infant 3 Pack Infant Patient Simulator For Sale

There are three torso and heads in this pack one of which has some coating failure. All work. A Simulaidscarrying pack is included. Made to last CPR Prompt manikins have been tested to withstand... view more

April 16

Asking Price:
$110 USD
$99 USD (10% Off)


NASCO LifeForm CParelene Infant CPR training Simulator For Sale

The simulator it comes complete with the original base, directions, tilting mechanism, head and windpipe. It appears someone has used small balloons in place of the correct lung simulator kit. The... view more

April 16

Asking Price:
$125 USD


TOROID ISB-IsoBox 120A IsoBox Medical Grade Isolation 1200 VA Transformer Power Supply For Sale

This is a current US made medical grade product with a replacement value of $555 when bought from the manufacturer. It is warrantied to be buzz and noise free and to be otherwise within the... view more

April 16

Asking Price:
$120 USD


MULTIPLEX LS1 LLT Cool 775-795nm Laser Light Therapy For Sale

This is a used Canadian made cold laser which appears to be in good condition. Both the three diode and single diode wands power up and test out as they should. This was last inspected by a biomed... view more

April 16

Asking Price:
$399 USD


FISHER & PAYKEL CPAP HC221 humidifier Humidifier / Heater For Sale

FREE Shipping anywhere in the USA The humidifier is operational and without crack, odors or display issues. It powers up using 110-115 VAC conventional wall power and responds to controls. The... view more

April 16

Asking Price:
$99 USD


SYMBOL various Scanner Parts For Sale

Part Number: MS-2204-I000
POS MiniScan Fixed Barcode Scanner

This is a 12 year old scanner that is warrantied to work. It has been on the shelf as a spare for several years and is now no longer required. According to the manufcturer: mpact, rugged,... view more

April 16

Asking Price:
$35 USD


NELLCOR PURITAN BENNETT NPB-65 SPO2 sensor & handheld portable Oximeter - Pulse For Sale

Includes reusable SPO2 finger sensor and shipping to the USA. Payment by MasterCard, VISA & PayPal. Overseas shipping available on request starting at $20. NPB40 models are available at $20 less. ... view more

April 16

Asking Price:
$125 USD


RESPIRONICS BiPAP Vision Bi-level PAP For Sale

Two Vision BiPAP units are available, both with clean displays, good keypads and without dents or cracks or other significant issues to the housings. Both blowers work and the displays are bright... view more

April 16

Asking Price:
$601 USD
$499 USD (17% Off)


LIKO LikoGuard Patient Lift Parts For Sale

Part Number: 33090009
25.2 volt LI Lithium battery pack

This is an original LIKO unused battery pack made in Sweden which has passed its manufacturer's shelf life date. It was manufactured on August 30, 2016. It is warrantied to accept a charge and... view more

April 16

Asking Price:
$124 USD
$99 USD (20% Off)


MAICO MA 25 with head phones and carrying case Screening Audiometer For Sale

This US made device appears in good condition. All functions were tested and found to work. It comes complete with a Maico MA25 headphone set and its original carrying pack and manual. A... view more

April 16

Asking Price:
$500 USD
$375 USD (25% Off)


CANON CR4-45NM Non-Mydriatic Retinal Fundus Camera For Sale

This camera appears functional. It responds to inputs and shows images as it appears it is designed to do. Included is a Canon CR4-PC 1575 instant photo or Polaroid image capture device which... view more

April 16

Asking Price:
$675 USD


STRYKER CUB Crib FL19 Pediatric Infant Advanced Care Bed For Sale

This crib comes complete with a Stryker mattress and fixed height base. All functions have been checked and no issues have been found. This is a Canadian made product is built to FDA and Health... view more

April 16

Asking Price:
$1,000 USD
$600 USD (40% Off)


INVOS Covidien Invos Somanetics preamp & 5100C CEREBRAL SOMATIC OXIMETER rSO2 Anesthesia Monitor For Sale

This set has been tested and found to power up and appropriately respond to keyed controls. Without a RSC-3 cable to mate the preamp to a sensor the instrument cannot be fully tested. A cable is on... view more

April 16

Asking Price:
$550 USD