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WebStore for Medical Laser Resources LLC

Medical Laser Resources LLC

Alison Bouck, President
DOTmed user since April 2009

610 Gallagher Court
Oxford, MI 48371 USA
Phone: +1 (866) 628-8120
Alison Bouck, President
Phone:+1 (866) 628-8120

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CYNOSURE SMARTLIPO SmartLipo Triplex SLT II SmartLipo Triplex SLT II For Sale

2011 Cynosure SmartLipo SLT II Pulse Count: Approximately 13,933,304 Software version 2.1 ThermaGuide Cannula(s) Smartsense handpiece Smartlipo handpiece Fiber cutter (orange) Fiber cutter... view more

January 23  

HOYA CONBIO Medlite ConBio 650nm Laser Aperture For Sale

ConBio Medlite 650nm Laser Aperture with (2) 2.0mm and (2) 3.0mm... view more

January 13  

CYNOSURE Unknown Black Empty Handpiece Holder For Sale

Cynosure black empty handpiece holders with tips, 2 in a Cynosure hard... view more

January 13  

BEATUS Unknown Rev A clear tubing (2 new in bag + 1) For Sale

Beatus Machining Rev A clear tubing (2 new in bag +... view more

January 13  

CYNOSURE Unknown ASSY 7mm HP For Sale

Cynosure ASSY 7mm HP in black hard... view more

January 13  

CYNOSURE Unknown ASSY 5mm HP,, For Sale

Cynosure ASSY 5mm HP, Cynosure ASSY 1" Lipo, HP CASE (wrong... view more

January 13  

HOYA CONBIO Unknown ConBio Laser Aperature For Sale

ConBio 1064/532mm Laser Aperature with (2) tips (assuming ConBio since with other CB... view more

January 13  

Black Dye Ink For Sale

Black Dye Ink Conforms to ASTM-D4236... view more

January 13  

OMNILUX EL1310 Blue Light For Sale

Omnilux Blue light, Photodynamic Therapy Light Source All Items Are Shipping from Oxford, MI... view more

January 13  

ULTHERA Ultherapy Ultherapy For Sale

2014 Ulthera Ultherapy Excellent condition Minimal usage hand piece(s) 4 drawer rolling cart ... view more

January 13