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VERSAMED iVent 201 Transport Ventilator



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VersaMed iVent 201 is a reliable great for all care pediatric, adult and bedside transport though out. It features VersaMed's Adaptive flow, and Adaptive I-time which helps make certain that proper ventilation is achieved for its patient.




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Cesar Cortes


October 26, 2017 02:29


Ease-of-Service: 5 / 5
Software: 5 / 5
Unique Features: 5 / 5
Accuracy: 5 / 5
Reliability: 5 / 5
Ergonomics/Ease-of-use: 5 / 5

This unit was designed simple and effective. Making maintenance a breeze. Its software improved exceptionally from its yellow ivent 201 counterpart.

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