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GE OEC MiniView 6800 C-Arm



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The OEC 6800 MiniView C-Arm features Dual 16" 1Kx1K Hi Resolution Monitors, Stationary Anode, Dual 6"/4" Image Intensifier, CCD Camera, LIH (Last image Hold), Intuitive Touch Screen, One Shot Frame Integration, Advanced Digital Image Processing, MANRS (Motion Artifact and Noise Reduction System), Patient Annotation Keyboard, Foot Control, Thermal Printer and Operator's Manual.




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Cesar Cortes

Compact Size

October 23, 2017 06:07

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Unique Features: 5 / 5
Software: 5 / 5
Accuracy: 5 / 5
Ease-of-Service: 5 / 5
Reliability: 4 / 5
Ergonomics/Ease-of-use: 5 / 5

Similar to other OEC c-arm when discussing technology but its size is its best feature but limits its usage on patients of all sizes. Otherwise it is very well designed.

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