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Panorama Kodak 8000 issued an error: E53



Vyacheslav Rizkoff

Panorama Kodak 8000 issued an error: E53

January 31, 2020 11:26

Good afternoon colleagues
Panorama Kodak 8000 issued an error: E53 - The backup battery is low. Replaced the battery (M48T86RS1). The device issued an error: E55 - Error stored data. Rebooted, the device worked.
But now another problem has arisen. The device does not take pictures, although the rotative arm (x-ray tube) moves as expected. This produces an error: I06 Wrong rotative arm positin. Click on return to the starting position. Take the picture again. But the device still gives the same error. as far as I understand this is an informational and not a service error.
1. Could we, when replacing the battery, erase the ROM memory of the M27C1001 10F1? If erased, then how to restore it? Is it possible to recover data from the control computer?
3. Could rotational arm position adjustment fail? If so, how to configure it?

HELP ME PLEASE. SERVICE MANUAL NO. The device has been installed for a long time. We do not have a service center

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