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CARL ZEISS Humphrey Matrix 800 Visual Field Analyzer

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Operating a visual field instrument doesn't get much easier than a Humphrey Matrix

It provides the ideal solution for busy practices for case detection and fast threshold
testing. In addition to simplifying visual field testing, numerous studies show that
frequency doubling perimetry can detect visual field loss missed by other methods

Validated clinical performance
• Proven diagnostic performance in detecting early visual field loss
• 15% faster threshold testing on average and up to 70% faster for more advanced cases
• Video eye monitoring and comfortable chin rest simplify patient alignment and fixation monitoring
• Patient-friendly stimulus eliminates the need for trial lens correction in most patients

Designed for your practice
• Humphrey Field Analyzer (HFA) style reports are simple to interpret
• Light-weight, compact and portable
• Simple operation
• Ability to test in normal ambient light, no darkened room required
• Connectivity to office networks, EMRs and FORUM Eye Care Data Management System

Patented Frequency Doubling Technology

The Humphrey Matrix frequency doubling stimulus can preferentially test for sensitivity loss in the
magnocellular pathways of the visual system. Alternating black and white bars create a patient-
friendly doubling illusion. Studies demonstrate that while all ganglion cell types are affected by
glaucoma, and no single test always identifies the functional effects of glaucoma first, the Humphrey
Matrix has proven high sensitivity and may find defects earlier in a unique subset of patients.

Connectivity powered by FORUM

For comprehensive connectivity, FORUM Eye Care Data Management integrates the Humphrey Matrix 800 and all of your ZEISS instruments, as well as any DICOM device using the medical standard data protocol. FORUM can also connect to networked devices without DICOM - giving you virtually instantaneous access to the comprehensive patient information you need, whenever and wherever you need it.

Centralized report management and retrieval

FORUM allows you to access your glaucoma patient data instantly through centralized report management and retrieval. FORUM also provides simultaneous display of reports from multiple instruments, such as the Humphrey Matrix, HFA, Cirrus HD-OCT, GDx
and fundus cameras.

EMR integration with FORUM

Connectivity to an EMR through FORUM delivers significant practice efficiency and offers closed-
loop workflow helping to eliminate patient data
errors. Patient demographics originate in the lead system, often the EMR, and are pulled in to instruments connected to the EMR, through FORUM, in a standardized format using the FORUM Modality Worklist feature. For legacy patient records, FORUM offers FORUM ASSIST Match, a quick and simple way to find and merge multiple patient records using a variety of match criteria. With or without an EMR, FORUM offers immediate efficiencies in patient record management. For a practice planning a future EMR purchase, FORUM can ease the transition to a paperless electronic workflow.

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First Year of Production: 2012
30 lbs
17" H x 12" W x 22" D
Power Connection:

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Robert Padula

Overall Review

December 04, 2013 01:02


The Humphrey Matrix Model 800 is an excellent choice for full threshold perimetery in a small footprint. The only complaints with the original Matrix Model 715 were the lack of a chin rest for older patients and the absence of an ethernet port for direct connectivity to a network. Both of these issues have been address with the new Model 800 series. Excellent value for the price.

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