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For its time, this was considered a "portable" argon laser, weighing less than 80 lbs. However since their release in the 90s, they have since aged quite a bit and are much more re... MORE

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COHERENT Ultima 2000 Laser - Argon

The Coherent (now Lumenis) Ultima 2000 SE Argon Laser is an incredibly reliable, and fairly portable system. This Argon runs on 110v for easy, portable installation, its even on wheels! Weighing in at less than 70 lbs, this Argon is easy to get around. ...

  • Aiming Beam: Red diode; adjustable intensity up to 1.2 milliwatts
  • Aiming Beam Wavelength: 670 nm nominal
  • Amperage: 15A / 20A Single Phase
  • Cooling: Forced Air
  • Depth: 24'

ZEISS Visulas 532S Green Laser - Argon

Green laser - precise flash. The laser light of VISULAS 532s is ideal for retinal photocoagulation. The laser radiation source is a diode-pumped, solid state laser with a wavelength of 532 nm. The robust solid state technology of VISULAS 532s offers many impressive benefits. The energy comes directl...

  • Aiming beam: Diode, 620 to 650 nm, adjustable brightness Max. 1 mW at the cornea
  • Cooling System: Thermoelectric
  • Laser Type: Frequency doubled solid state laser
  • Max Power: 1.5 watts at the cornea
  • Pulse Duration (Single Pulse): 10 to 2500 ms, cw