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Ultrasound Unit needed for Community Clinic


Mike Erlanson

Ultrasound Unit needed for Community Clinic

June 27, 2014 05:16

I am trying to help out a community clinic here in So Cal. They are in need of an ultrasound unit that can do basic OB work (no TV probe needed). They are a 501c3 charity and do great work for the underserved.

They had been working with an old Shimadzu unit for either the late 80's or ealry 90's as a frame of reference of where they are at. That unit is no longer functional and they need something to replace it. It doesn't need to be fancy, but something that is functional with probes would be fantastic if anyone can help. They don't ahve the resources to put into trying to restore an old beater back to a functional state unfortunatly.

They received a little bit of money from a grant to help with shipping and minor incidental costs (like a printer if not included) to get it, and might be able to do a small cash / donation split if that would help sway the decision.
The money is also being split towards pre-natal vitamins, so whatever help anyone can be done on this would be great.

Mike Erlanson

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