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Patrik Di Saverio, CEO & Member of the Board
DOTmed user since May 2017

ul. Bielska 49
Mikolow, Silesia 43-190 Poland

Phone: +48 532136482

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About Us

MVS company was founded in April 2009 based on many years of experience of its founders in the field of medical equipment maintenance. We specialize in repairs and comprehensive post-warranty services of medical equipment, the so-called heavy diagnostics – CT, MR, X-ray and ANGIO. We cooperate both with public hospitals of all sizes and multi-centre private entities. We employ qualified service engineers throughout Poland.

We have a spacious warehouse of spare parts of our own, and also the repair shop of CT and MR systems including electronic and IT laboratories, which allows us to offer:

  • a greater availability of spare parts
  • better pricing terms
  • speeding repair time
  • possibility of testing and development of new technologies in the diagnostic process and repairs of both spare parts and whole appliances

Our range of services includes:

  • comprehensive post-warranty care
  • long-term service contracts in diversified variants of service scope
  • periodic technical inspections
  • specialistic repairs and modernizations
  • sale of X-ray tubes with a full manufacturer`s warranty
  • installing, uninstalling and reinstalling diagnostic equipment.

We are a rapidly growing provider of diagnostic equipment used in Poland. We specialize in deliveries of computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging systems used.

The scope of the delivery of equipment includes:

  • inspection and assessment of technical condition before purchase
  • disassembly in output localization
  • MVS workshop: repairs, tests, painting cabinets, replacement of accessories, preparation for installation
  • MVS workshop: storage, maintenance in the “cool” condition (for MRI equipment)
  • supervision and coordination of the preparation of installation and target infrastructure of workshop (in case of MR also the delivery and installation of Faraday cage and chilled water system)
  • installation of device, calibrations, tests and training of staff
  • Accessories: workstations, injectors for administering contrast, cardiomonitors etc.

Our logistics capabilities make us a trusted partner for financial institutions. Constant cooperation with several lessees enables to offer the receipt of equipment in stock, which simplifies the process of raising funds considerably.

X-ray Tubes

We are an authorized partner of Dunlee company, the world leader in the production of X-ray tubes for CT and X-ray apparatus. The replacement tubes that are on our offer have the highest quality of operation parameters, are certified and registered in Poland as a medical device and have a full warranty of manufacturer. In the standing offer there are tubes for GE series HiSpeed, Brightspeed and Lightspeed systems. We invite you to read our full offer on www.dunlee.com

CT and MRI accessories

We have a wide range of accessories to CT systems, including mattresses on tables for CT GE apparatuses of HiSpeed, Lightspeed and Brightspeed series, belts of different width, inserts for head holder, stabilizers. We also offer accessories for customized orders. We invite you to place orders.

Equipment Categories


CT Mobile
CT Scanner
CT Workstation
Empty Trailer
Injector CT
Injector MRI
MRI Chiller
MRI Coil
MRI Mobile
MRI Scanner
X-Ray Tube


Data Storage and Backup
Export Packing, Crating
Inventory Management
Mobile Equipment, Services
MRI Magnet Storage
Ocean & Air Freight
Parts, New, Used and Rebuilt
Pre-Owned Equip Remarketer
Rental Equipment
Repair, Maintenance, Service
Shipping Logistics

Our Facility

MVS sp. z o.o.

ul. Bielska 49

43-190 Mikolow



Employee Bios

Patrik Di Saverio

Chief Executive Officer & Member of the Board

MVS Sp. z o.o.

mobile: +48 532 136 482

email: patrik.disaverio@mvs.pl

Agnieszka Weiner

Sales Coordinator

MVS Sp. z o.o.

mobile: +48 795 133 898

email: agnieszka.weiner@mvs.pl

Agnieszka is working in MVS since 2011. She is Key Account Manager and she is responsible for contact with customers.

Adam Stolorz

GE CT leader, Internal Service Manager

MVS Sp. z o.o.

mobile: +48 668 861 219

email: adam.stolorz@mvs.pl

Adam has been with MVS from the foundation and has worked as CT field engineer. After couple of years he was promoted to GE CT leader and internal service manager. Adam also provide support for field engineers at GE CT range.

Marcin Górny

MR leader, Internal Service Manager

MVS Sp. z o.o.

mobile: +48 668 861 220

email: marcin.gorny@mvs.pl

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