MR incident costs hospital almost $11 million in court-ordered damages

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MR incident costs hospital almost $11 million in court-ordered damages

por John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter | September 01, 2020

Following 2.5 hours of deliberations, the jury sided with Miller’s parents and assigned 75% of the negligence in the malpractice case to Tyrone Hospital and 25% to Biggs.

“All the money awarded will go into a trust fund for our son,” Timothy Miller said. “His future care was the reason we pursued this.”

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Gilk notes that there appears to be no direct relation between the case of this allergic reaction and the question of gadolinium retention and the question of retention-related diseases such as nephrogenic systemic fibrosis. He does, however, assert that anti-reaction medication should have been in the MR scanner room and that the case and the verdict reflect the safety responsibilities of the radiologist.

“While it seems as though the radiologist was brought in, there was a significant breakdown from the sound of it in terms of coordination between the radiologist and the emergency physicians,” he said. “An MR patient is, in the MR room, the radiologist’s patient, and the radiologist has to make sure the policies and procedures and physical provisions, and the training and competency of the people executing the patient care on the orders of the radiologist — the MR technologist — that they are appropriately trained and confident to essentially protect the interest of the radiologist by protecting the patient.”

The hospital declined the Altoona Mirror’s request for comment, as did Sosnowski.

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Spencer Hayes

Panic Ball & Epinephrine

September 02, 2020 10:48

This was preventable. Unfortunately this will happen again. Why?
1) IDTFs- Medicare no longer enforces the Direct Supervision rule for contrast injections.
I know because I was also an MRI tech with no "in the building" Direct Supervision and no epinephrine. I knew how and what to do for adverse reactions. The owner ordered me to just call 911 and not waste his money. I asked for a panic ball installation and got the same answer. But we always got accredited.
2) Hospitals- have a radiologist "in the hospital" but could be 3 floors apart and the length of the building.
3) The brain will need oxygen before paramedics can arrive and before the code blue team can arrive. The MRI tech can and should be ready to intervene BEFORE the code blue team arrives.

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