New rapid cardiac MR imaging helps detect and manage patient heart health during and after cancer treatments

New rapid cardiac MR imaging helps detect and manage patient heart health during and after cancer treatments

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“With this joint solution from Myocardial Solutions and United Imaging, oncologists and cardiologists will be able to monitor patient heart health before, during, and after cancer treatment,” said Abram Voorhees, Ph.D., Vice President of MR at United Imaging. “Together, United Imaging and Myocardial Solutions will deliver the diagnostic testing using MyoStrain software on a dedicated MR scanner for both cancer centers and cardiologists. The fast, MR based technique is highly automated to deliver reproducible results.”

United Imaging is the preferred provider for MyoStrain, and the two companies have joined together to bring this dedicated solution to cancer centers and hospitals. The FDA’s 510(k) premarket clearance of the technology for United Imaging MRI machines marks the availability of this technology for the U.S. market.


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Myocardial Solutions, Inc. (MSI) is a medical technology company working to transform the cardiac and cancer care continuum. Leveraging more than 400 publications in clinical research and development, MSI’s proprietary technology, MyoStrain®, is a 10-minute, non-invasive heart function test providing physicians with sensitive diagnostic markers to support the early assessment and individualized treatment of heart dysfunction. MyoStrain has received FDA-510(k) pre-market clearance, CE-mark certification, and is commercially available in the United States and Europe.

At United Imaging, we develop and produce advanced medical products, digital healthcare solutions, and intelligent solutions that cover the entire process of imaging diagnosis and treatment. Founded in 2011, our company has subsidiaries and R&D centers across the world. Our North American headquarters in Houston includes our corporate offices, factory, product showroom, service training center, and service parts distribution center. With a cutting-edge digital portfolio and a mission of broader access to healthcare for all, we help drive industry progress and bold change.

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