CAREMINDr introduces a $100,000 ‘Jump $tart’ program to help financially strapped primary care doctors

CAREMINDr introduces a $100,000 ‘Jump $tart’ program to help financially strapped primary care doctors

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“Jump $tart will focus on practices that have financial need, coupled with an enthusiasm for growing a robust RPM program,” Soza said. “Essentially, our RPM Connect service will become their partner, to support and assist them as they focus on providing care. This approach can keep a doctor's patients as healthy as possible, while generating a new, ongoing revenue stream to regain financial stability. We are putting our money on the line because we know this can be achieved.”

Eliminating Administrative and Technical Burden

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RPM Connect is CAREMINDr's turn-key program that offers physicians an off-site administrative and technical support team to help them operate their own programs. The technology platform uses CAREMINDR's mobile app, which was launched in 2018 and is used by practices across the country to optimize remote care management. Data collected via the app includes readings from home devices, such as thermometers and blood pressure cuffs, as well as patient responses to clinically validated survey questions about their conditions and relevant health concerns.

The RPM Connect Centers assemble this clinically relevant and actionable information from patients into CAREMINDr REVIEWER, an online workflow portal used by the doctor's office. Non-normal responses from patients are clearly flagged for immediate follow up. In addition, if an RPM patient stops reporting in, an RPM Connect Service Manager will quickly notify the practice to help address the situation.

A mobile-enabled RPM program can generate an estimated $60 to $120 per month for each patient monitored. If a practice monitors 200 patients on an ongoing basis, that translates into $12,000 to $24,000 in reimbursements each month to sustain practices during COVID-19—and beyond.

One practice that utilizes CAREMINDr’s RPM solution is Reliance Medical Group, a 23-location multispecialty primary care practice in the Atlantic City, NJ, area. Just months before COVID-19 began to spread in the United States, Reliance established a Virtual Office that has served as an R&D site for the RPM Connect centers. Reliance’s Virtual Office, which has grown from 1 to 12 clinicians in less than a year, manages the RPM of hundreds of patients using CAREMINDr’s programs for hypertension, diabetes, and most recently, COVID-19 monitoring of cases that do not yet require hospitalization.

“We hear a lot about how restaurants and hospitals are in trouble due to the pandemic, but your local primary care doctor is suffering, too,” said Jon Regis, MD, CEO/President of Reliance Medical Group. “If that physician is not associated with a larger group practice like ours, they are probably facing significant hardship, especially in rural areas. Without other ways of generating revenue outside of an office visit, I feel that independent primary care as we know it will not survive.”

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