Bruce Power, ITM and partners finalize agreement paving way for new medical isotope delivery system expected in 2022

Bruce Power, ITM and partners finalize agreement paving way for new medical isotope delivery system expected in 2022

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"We are pleased to see the progression of our common goal with Bruce Power and its partners Framatome and Kinectrics to produce our therapeutic no-carrier-added Lutetium-177 in North America," annotated Steffen Schuster, CEO of ITM. "The qualified expertise of our partners Bruce Power, Framatome and Kinectrics will enable the fastest route in providing our no-carrier-added Lutetium-177 to cancer patients in North America and help secure the supply of high-quality medical radioisotopes for Targeted Radionuclide Therapy to cancer patients worldwide."

The installation of the irradiation services at Bruce Power by Framatome and Kinectrics, is currently planned for late-2021. Bruce Power will provide the infrastructure and be responsible for the irradiation as it currently does with Cobalt-60.

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"Kinectrics is proud to support the Ontario-based supply of this lifesaving Isotope Lutetium-177. With our partner Framatome, we will design, supply and license the isotope production system enabling large-scale production of Lu-177 to meet future market demand. This is a very exciting business opportunity for Kinectrics, building on our licensing, engineering, and active materials handling capabilities."

"Bruce Power's unwavering commitment to life-saving isotope development expands Framatome's innovation and expertise in nuclear technologies, as we join forces with Bruce Power, Kinectrics and ITM in the fight against cancer," said Bernard Fontana, CEO of Framatome. "Our contribution in developing and delivering Lutetium-177 medical isotopes not only transforms medical treatments for cancer patients worldwide, it strengthens Canada's position as a global leader in the production of medical isotopes for the advancement of human health."

How the cooperation works:

An Isotope Delivery System on a Bruce Power unit can be used to turn targets into medical isotopes through a process referred to as irradiation. This is a similar process utilized by Bruce Power in the production of Cobalt-60.
N.c.a. Lutetium-177 is made by irradiating a stable isotope, Ytterbium-176, delivered by ITM.
The Ytterbium-176 is sealed in special containers and placed in the reactor for about two weeks and then it is sent for processing and distribution to health care facilities.
Each container may contain enough n.c.a. Lutetium-177 isotope for about 200 patient treatments.
The irradiation does not generate any nuclear waste as all intermediate material is either purified to n.c.a. Lutetium-177 used for patient treatment or recycled to produce more of the isotope.

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