Cath lab / EP lab / & hybrid OR monitor failure rates skyrocket

Cath lab / EP lab / & hybrid OR monitor failure rates skyrocket

August 20, 2019
Operating Room

We are witnessing yet another transition in Cath Lab, Hybrid OR monitors as many physicians are upgrading from CCFL HD displays to ultra-high-definition 4K/8MP technology. Many healthcare facilities have upgraded or are currently in the process of upgrading their medical displays to this resolution. These monitors provide a level of visibility previously unknown to physicians. During critical surgeries and procedures, increased clarity and sharper details can mean the difference between saving or losing a life.

These 4K/8MP large medical-grade displays are considered to be the new “gold standard” for surgical applications allowing multiple screens to be viewed on a single monitor while taking up a minimal amount of space. When a 4K/8MP display is combined with a video manager, it can become customizable with a variety of layout options and editing tools like magnification. The design is easier to use and provides a higher resolution, making its adoption an easy choice as it facilitates precise procedures and minimally invasive surgeries.

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Although the advancement of this technology has improved patient care, the transition made could prove to be detrimental and may demand considerable attention. With four to six displays in the cath lab previously, there are preventative measures in place that guarantee a backup option should a monitor burn out. In critical imaging procedures like angioplasty, mere seconds without visibility become crucial moments, and a single display makes cath labs extremely susceptible to all the risks associated.

To solve this issue, some displays are equipped with a secondary back-up monitor that folds out, if needed. However, this is a sacrifice that presents limited visual acuity. When this situation unravels, the entire procedure must be halted and the patient sutured up, as technicians attempt to remedy the problem.

Furthermore, any display failure amounts to an entire cath lab rendered obsolete until a replacement or repair solution is provided. Unfortunately, the turn around time for either of those protocols can take over a week.

The solution
Work with a service & repair center that specializes in repairing legacy and current Cath lab, Ep lab, and Hybrid OR monitors. Most common services are preventive maintenance, LCD, backlight, reflector, and power supply replacement.

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