Discussing battery issues with biomedical technicians

Discussing battery issues with biomedical technicians

August 09, 2019

The biomeds found the Fishbowl too complex and suggested a one-sentence message instead. But this would not give sufficient information with multiple deficiencies and cause problems in a non-English speaking world. With familiarity, the Fishbowl will provide a quick and easy SoF readout to make the battery transparent.

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It became apparent that not all biomeds are familiar with SMBus. This void was also noticed at our presentation in Belgium. It is unfortunate that device manufacturers are hesitant to utilize SMBus data for the benefit of the user. Intelligence is locked up and the battery remains a black box. With the ability to read embedded SoF information, smart batteries only need a full cycle for calibration and verification of capacity before replacement. Service tools, such as battery analyzers, keep batteries in service longer, improve system reliability and cut operational costs.

9. How beneficial is a database?
The Cadex Cloud is an online database that shares battery test results with battery users, technicians and fleet supervisors. Packs that drop below a user-set target capacity are identified and replaced. The system also records the energy consumed by reading SoC before charge. Packs returning with low spare charge can be tracked as part of risk management. An analogy is an aircraft carrying enough fuel to anticipate headwinds and a second landing approach. Figure 5 illustrates two-way communications using a computing device.
Figure 5: Cadex Cloud serves as supervisor

10. How well are medical batteries documented?
The workshop revealed that the healthcare industry requires minimal battery documentation. There are no set standards and little is done to track performance history. Service tools to assist in service and documentation of batteries will likely come from the private sector and go beyond healthcare.

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