Wake Radiology UNC REX Healthcare selects Veriphyr to protect patient data privacy

Wake Radiology UNC REX Healthcare selects Veriphyr to protect patient data privacy

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MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Veriphyr, a leader in healthcare patient data privacy monitoring, announced today that Wake Radiology UNC REX Healthcare (WakeRad REX) has selected its service to detect and deter inappropriate access to patient medical records, the first time it occurs, across all of their 14 locations. With Veriphyr, WakeRad REX can document its compliance with HIPAA/HITECH regulations that mandate its staff only access patient data when necessary to perform their job responsibilities.

WakeRad REX selected Veriphyr after a comprehensive evaluation of leading patient data privacy monitoring solutions.

“We chose Veriphyr because it provides the precise level of detail we need, without false positives, on patient data access activity and doesn't impact our existing systems. This service also has a rapid, no-cost setup and doesn't require ongoing intervention or support from our clinical or IT staff,” said Matt Dewey, Chief Information Officer for WakeRad REX. “With Veriphyr in place, our privacy officer receives reports that demonstrate our compliance with data privacy guidelines and can generate ad hoc reports through Veriphyr's online portal.”


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Veriphyr's proactive patient privacy monitoring uses Structural Analytics™ to automatically understand each organization’s unique set of job responsibilities, including which workers are associated with which responsibilities. Then, it can automatically determine when a worker moves from one set of job responsibilities to another. By monitoring every worker’s access to patient data, Veriphyr accurately identifies instances when the type or volume of activity is outside of an individual's job responsibilities and poses a potential privacy violation. Veriphyr proactively monitors all access to patient data by employees and non-employees in electronic health records (EHR) systems as well as other clinical or business applications.

“WakeRad REX, like every healthcare provider, was struggling to comply with stringent patient privacy mandates across a massive and constantly growing data set,“ said Alan Norquist, CEO and Founder of Veriphyr. “Veriphyr’s ability to detect and report on worker violations of organizational privacy and impermissible use policies, even if it occurs only once, proved to be a must-have technology for the practice.”

About Veriphyr
Veriphyr uses advanced data analytics to proactively detect and report impermissible use of patient data by employees, contractors and anyone with access to clinical or business applications. The Veriphyr HIPAA patient privacy monitoring solution accurately detects and reports on inappropriate healthcare worker access to patient data without a valid reason by automatically determining the job responsibilities of each worker based solely on the organization’s activity data. Used by organizations ranging from 300 to 60,000 workers, Veriphyr monitors millions of access events from clinical and business applications. It delivers the information healthcare organizations need, when they need it, to maintain regulatory compliance and ensure patient data confidentiality.

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