Getting remote patient monitoring out of the garage and onto the streets

Getting remote patient monitoring out of the garage and onto the streets

May 24, 2019
Patient Monitors
From the May 2019 issue of HealthCare Business News magazine

Closing the loop
To achieve its greatest value, the RPM system should not stand alone. Instead, it must be integrated into your healthcare enterprise’s portal and app strategies. For example, with a simple text the RPM system can guide patients to access even more information through other apps, or even connect directly to the secure electronic health records (EHR) patient platform that contains their personal record. As a result, your care teams won’t have to spend valuable time chasing down the 85 percent of patients who struggle to access those services on their own.

Newfound freedom

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Just as the automobile gave Americans a new feeling of freedom due to great mobility, RPM holds the same promise. Only this time the benefit of mobility isn’t just about increased accessibility to visiting faraway places. We’re on the cusp of dramatically impacting something far more powerful — our health.

The best-laid plans are only as good as the participants involved. In order to ensure RPM success, patients will need to actively and consistently participate by sharing their data with their care teams. The more patients who join on the pathway to connected care, the better off we’ll all be.

Eric Rock
About the author: Eric Rock is the CEO of Vivify Health, which he launched in 2009, delivering the first cloud-based Remote Care Management platform connecting providers with their patients via wireless mobile devices. Vivify has experienced rapid growth, now utilized by large healthcare organizations representing over 600 hospitals and health plans.

Prior to Vivify Health, Rock founded MEDHOST, the leading Emergency Department solution, serving over 500 hospitals and 10 million patients annually. MEDHOST was the first touch screen EMR, including other innovations such as geographic bed/facility views, patient self-service kiosks, multi-touch data visualization and an enterprise operational visibility engine.

Rock continues to focus on emerging technologies and business strategies for healthcare. He is a frequent speaker at events such as HIMSS, ATA, Connected Health Summit, Health Evolution Summit, Piper Jaffray and TED.

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