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Spectral CT, workflow and dose reduction drive new CT scanner and software releases

por Lisa Chamoff, Contributing Reporter | October 15, 2018
CT X-Ray
From the October 2018 issue of HealthCare Business News magazine

The NeuViz Prime offers a 0.259 second rotation speed, allowing for motion suppression that is ideal for pediatric imaging, as well as trauma and cardiac cases.

“In pediatrics, motion is the enemy,” Mildenberger said. “It will be a really great pediatric system and should have the potential to do very good cardiac imaging as well.”

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The system also has the ability to upgrade to perform spectral imaging, which Mildenberger said has a big future in cardiac imaging and virtual colonoscopy.

Neusoft NeuViz Prime
“The market we’re in is very dynamic and changing very rapidly,” Mildenberger said. “We have all the tools in place to support the clinical applications for spectral CT.”

In the last year, PACSHealth LLC, a radiology informatics software company, added new features to version 2.5.4 of its DoseMonitor software. The software can now perform organ dose modeling both pre- and post-scan, using phantom sets from National Cancer Institute.

In July, the company added Modality Utilization reporting, which monitors the time that the CT scanner is actually utilized based on scan time, not time the room is blocked. This information automatically gets sent to all customers for better planning of exams.

"Now we can retrospectively analyze how long the exam took versus what it was scheduled for," said Mike Battin, chief operating officer of PACSHealth.

PACSHealth also recently introduced its Global Dose Registry, a feature that is integrated into DoseMonitor and that allows clinicians to compare the radiation dose of an exam to a global database of millions of similar studies done at healthcare facilities around the world.

Battin said that this is a big improvement over existing data aggregation sources that require separate data collection and manual reporting.

Philips Healthcare
At last year’s RSNA, Philips introduced its IQon Elite Spectral CT scanner, a premium product that is ideal for oncology applications, as well as for cardiology and trauma settings.

The scanner can detect different levels of tissue composition, distinguishing between healthy and unhealthy cells, allowing for doctors to be more confident in their diagnoses, said Karim Boussebaa, head of CT and AMI for Philips.

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