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November 19, 2017
From the November 2017 issue of HealthCare Business News magazine

PowerLook® Tomo Detection

PowerLook® Tomo Detection, iCAD
South Hall A, Booth #3142; North Hall B, Booth #8064
PowerLook® Tomo Detection, built on Artificial Intelligence, is designed to optimize digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT) reading efficiency, streamline workflow and support cancer detection without compromising clinical performance or increasing recalls. 2D digital mammography typically produces four images per exam, while DBT presents the radiologist with hundreds of images, which takes significantly more time to review and interpret. PowerLook Tomo Detection automatically analyzes each tomosynthesis plane, helping radiologists identify suspicious areas with greater speed and precision. The suspicious areas identified are blended onto a 2D synthetic image, creating a single enhanced image. The process allows radiologists to navigate the large tomosynthesis dataset more efficiently with greater confidence. This solution is currently available with GE breast health solutions as Enhanced V-Preview.

New & Refurbished C-Arm Systems. Call 702.384.0085 Today!

Quest Imaging Solutions provides all major brands of surgical c-arms (new and refurbished) and carries a large inventory for purchase or rent. With over 20 years in the medical equipment business we can help you fulfill your equipment needs

PowerServer™ RIS/PACS, RamSoft
South Hall A, Booth #2707
This single database application is simple and intuitive. Its feature-rich workflow engine provides all functions traditionally found in disparate RIS, PACS, radiology EMR, Physician Portals, reporting modules and analytics software, all in one product. PowerServer’s elegant user interface further increases productivity by reducing unnecessary clicks and automating frequent tasks. It also comes equipped with Essence™, a top-of-the-line reporting module that enables radiology practices to effectively analyze data and exceed business objectives. Along with Essence, the new PowerServer RIS/PACS also comes equipped with RapidResults™, a powerful clinical image and report viewer app that allows direct messaging between internal and external health care providers. Visit RamSoft at RSNA to learn more.

The Premium MRIaudio system, MRIaudio
South Hall A, Booth #4051
The Premium MRIaudio system has quickly become the most favored MRI patient stereo available. Ease of use and sound quality are what set MRIaudio apart from traditional MRI sound systems. Starting at $7,319, our Premium MRIaudio system comes with a three-year comprehensive warranty. Contact us to try your new MRIaudio system free for 30 days. Or call any of our over 700 satisfied customers to see why they chose MRIaudio. Use promo code RSNA2017 to get 500 pairs of ear tips with the purchase of a Premium MRIaudio System!

RadiForce MX315W

RadiForce MX315W, EIZO Inc.
South Hall A, Booth #4100
The MX315W is a 31.1-inch medical monitor with an 8 megapixel resolution, the highest in the RadiForce MX-Series of clinical review monitors. It has DICOM Part 14 calibration support and can display a variety of medical images at the same time including CT, MRI and ultrasound, making it incredibly cost-effective.

RadiForce RX560

RadiForce RX560, EIZO Inc.
South Hall A, Booth #4100
This 5 megapixel, high-brightness color monitor has the high-definition display necessary for breast imaging. It combines ease-of-use, such as a narrow bezel design to help your eyes swiftly move from one monitor to another, with new functions to help you focus on your work and maintain high performance.

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