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November 19, 2017
From the November 2017 issue of HealthCare Business News magazine

The MRI-safe Wishbone Headset and Ear Tips

The MRI-safe Wishbone Headset and Ear Tips, MRIaudio
South Hall A, Booth #4051
The MRI-safe Wishbone Headset and Ear Tips were engineered to fit inside all MRI head coils while providing patients with music and hearing protection. The ultra comfortable and low-profile design has been tested and is certified to provide patients 29 decibels of hearing protection. Disposable ear tips are available in quantities of 250 pairs ($1.66/pair) and 500 pairs ($1.38/pair). Order directly from MRIaudio. Use promo code RSNA2017 to get 500 pairs of ear tips with the purchase of a Premium MRIaudio System! Ear Tips 250-$415; Ear Tips 500-$690

New & Refurbished C-Arm Systems. Call 702.384.0085 Today!

Quest Imaging Solutions provides all major brands of surgical c-arms (new and refurbished) and carries a large inventory for purchase or rent. With over 20 years in the medical equipment business we can help you fulfill your equipment needs

Ncompass Enterprise Imaging, Novarad
North Hall B, Booth #7356
The Ncompass™ Enterprise Imaging Solution manages your facility’s information by providing an efficient workflow for managing both DICOM and non-DICOM images throughout the hospital by transitioning the storage of images and patient information from hard drives, disks and USB drives to a vendor neutral archive. Ncompass is an all-in-one solution for the modern health care provider. The result of over 20 years of imaging experience, Ncompass Enterprise Imaging Solution is built to scale, so facilities can evolve and expand without worry.

New OEC 9800 LCD Upgrade Kit

New OEC 9800 LCD Upgrade Kit, Ampronix
North Hall B, Booth #7308
Ampronix, a world class manufacturer of innovative medical technology, announces the availability of its new LCD Upgrade kit for the popular OEC 9800 mobile C-Arm.

OEC 9800 Upgrade allows users to replace the old displays on their OEC 9800 mobile C-Arm, with new dual 20.1” grayscale LED LCDs. The OEC 9800 Upgrade’s innovative design gives users the flexibility to perform the installation in the field in one hour or less.

The new LCD displays come mounted on an articulating arm giving the mobile C-Arm unit even more versatility and freedom. Paired with increased brightness (900 cd/m2) and detail (1500:1 contrast ratio), as well as an 178o/o vertical/horizontal viewing angle, the OEC 9800 Upgrade provides users a way to drastically increase the life of their mobile C-Arm creating significant time and cost savings.

OpenSight Augmented Reality

OpenSight Augmented Reality, Novarad
North Hall B, Booth #7356
Using the Augmented Reality technology built into the Microsoft HoloLens, OpenSight™ registers medical imaging studies such as MRIs and CTs over the patient in real time, enabling the wearer to both see the patient and see through the patient with dynamic holograms of their internal anatomy. From immediate impacts in the operating room to changing the way medicine is taught, the medical applications for OpenSight and Augmented Reality, this technological breakthrough will change the way that imaging is used throughout medicine.

OT54 Cardio-Angio Ceiling Suspended Shield, MAVIG GmbH
South Hall A, Booth #4132
The Radial and Femoral Access OT54 Cardio-Angio Shield combines a larger radiation protective lead acrylic shield with an overlapping flexible lead curtain panel that lays perfectly flush to the patient’s body and stops a significant amount of scatter radiation coming from the patient. The new OT54 has two curved cut-outs to ensure consistent performance for both radial and femoral artery access. Germany’s RöFo Publication recently evaluated the efficiency of the OT54 Shield with the flexible lead curtains and noted a dramatic dose reduction of the head and eyes of the operator. When the OT54 Shield is used in combination with the Patient Femoral or Radial Drapes a further dose reduction is noted. Sterile disposal covers are available for all products noted.

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