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Qué hace los E.E.U.U. ¿la industria del cuidado médico tiene que hacer para sobrevivir?

por Tom Spees, Director, US Sales, Philips Healthcare, Dunlee Division | October 28, 2014
From the September 2014 issue of HealthCare Business News magazine

The other realization that hospitals and IDNs are coming to understand is that not all of their major capital assets have to be treated equally when it comes to equipment maintenance and level of care. The service level that you might need for an acute care 64-slice CT system that is located in your emergency department might be totally different from the level of service maintenance that you would need for a 16-slice system that is located in your diagnostic imaging department because they are used very differently and relied upon differently.

I think that as health care continues to look at operating cost efficiencies, we are going to see the trend of hospitals and IDNs seeking alternative service and really taking a much more aggressive management approach towards the assets they own and operate. The asset management model is really beginning to prevail. Today, there are a growing number of companies that specialize strictly in helping IDNs with asset management, and those companies will continue to help provide benefit from economy of scale.

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The bottom line is that as a society, we will be forced to provide a tremendous amount of additional health care with a disproportionate amount of funding. High end equipment maintenance choices will need to be carefully considered to fit the new economic model, while providing quality diagnostic exams with no increased risk to the patient or the Provider

About the author: Tom Spees is a 30+ year Healthcare Industry veteran having held numerous executive positions in marketing and sales. He has experience relating to sales and service of diagnostic imaging capital equipment, digital radiography, PACS, as well as extensive background in imaging components. He is the Director of Sales, North America, for the GTC Division of Philips Healthcare, known commercially as Dunlee.

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