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Charlie Lewis ensambla A.C. técnico

por Loren Bonner, DOTmed News Online Editor | February 06, 2014
Charlie Lewis
After a four year run with Southwest Medical Resources, Charlie Lewis began his new job as vice president of MRI products and services at BC Technical Inc. at the start of 2014.

Lewis has had a long career in diagnostic imaging equipment sales and service -- one spanning more than 30 years.

Lewis started out as a test technician at GE (MTO) Defense Electronics in 1975 and moved up to field service engineer for GE Medical Systems before leaving for Maxum Health Corp. (Insight) in 1991.

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He's been involved with MRI since being part of the group at GE CR&D (Global Research) to develop the prototype superconducting whole body magnet, gradient coils and the first generation of permanent (NdFeB) open magnets.

He spoke with DOTmed News about his new job.

DMN: How would you describe your new job?
CL: I assist the BC Technical leadership team driving MRI growth and streamlining our products and services.

DMN: What excites you about working with BC Technical?
CL: Being part of a team that's committed to multi-modality (CT, MR, NM, PET & PET/CT), multi-vendor (Siemens, GE, Philips & Toshiba) technical excellence on a national scale. BC Technical brings credibility, scale and capital to the ISO world.

DMN: How did you get started in the industry?
CL: In 1983, I was lucky enough to be a discharge physics technician at GE Corporate Research & Development working on the prototype Superconducting MRi magnets and self shielded body coils.

DMN: How does your background play a direct role in what you bring to this new position?
CL: Having held positions in design, service, parts and sales, I have been exposed to prolific MRI growth. I am confident my experience will be an asset to driving growth and customer satisfaction in BC Technical.

DMN: What are your goals in your new position?
CL: To enable BC Technical to achieve their growth goals while maintaining current levels of technical excellence.

DMN: What excites you most about the industry these days?
CL: I believe the ACA will fundamentally change the landscape within the diagnostic imaging market as to ISO participation. BC Technical is strategically positioned to win leading market share of all offered modalities moving forward.

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