KPI Ultrasound Has an Edge in a Competitive Market

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El ultrasonido de KPI tiene un borde en un mercado competitivo

por Barbara Kram, Editor | June 28, 2006
Scott Hassler, market development
manager at KPI Ultrasound
KPI Ultrasound is a worldwide wholesaler and distributor of high-quality new, demo and reconditioned ultrasound systems.

"At KPI we sell new, demo and used equipment -- an advantage for all our clients," explained Scott Hassler, market development manager. "Not only do we guarantee quality in all areas of ultrasound, we give the client viable alternatives. They can get reconditioned units at OEM specs, a demo unit where they save thousands for the latest system, or a factory new unit. It is their choice. The manufacturers see us as their associates in helping them reach the market. It is all based on the company's sheer level of quality control and competency. It sets us apart."

The ten-year-old company, based in Riverside, Calif., provides comprehensive sourcing, technical support, and full logistics including equipment inspection, refurbishment, quality assurance, and installation of the equipment, all at very competitive prices.

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KPI Ultrasound carries the latest in name brand ultrasound technology from General Electric, Toshiba, Medison, and other manufacturers. Demo model systems come at dramatically reduced prices with only minimal pre-use, including Philips, ATL, HP, GE, Medison, Toshiba, Acuson, and others. Reconditioned systems are 100 percent refurbished, cosmetically perfect ultrasound systems at factory specifications, configured to client needs of KPI Ultrasound's customers.

"We sell primarily to dealers and secondarily to end users. Our market encompasses over 50 countries around the world. It's truly an international company," Hassler said.

Ultrasound systems are configured to client needs such as traditional stand alone, portable, or a 3D/4D volumetric ultrasound system. The product offerings cover the entire range of applications including gynecology, cardiology, radiology, obstetrics, urology, veterinary and vascular. Inventory includes 80 to 150 ultrasound systems at any given point in time plus new and reconditioned transducers.

The company enjoys steady growth in an increasingly complex market. "The bar has been raised in the last few years with 3-D, portable and other high-tech systems coming on the market. New competitors in the US and Chinese manufacturers coming in with low ball prices are changing the way the game is played. It is going to be more competitive," Hassler predicts.

Fortunately, with a triple threat in new, refurbished and demo ultrasound, KPI Ultrasound is well positioned. "We're a small company that does really good work."

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