N.c. Universidad de estado: “Creando a profesionales”

Press releases may be edited for formatting or style | September 08, 2011

By Bobby Manetta

Brick NJ - Nationwide Imaging Services, Inc. has installed its first 64 slice CT scanner into a state university. The University Of North Carolina Vet School consists of 312 DVM students, 146 graduate students, and 81 interns /residents. With the graduation of its first class in 1985, the CVM is one of the younger veterinary programs in the country. As it continues to grow, many veterinarians/professors from all over the world are eager to become acquainted with this institution of higher education. As a result, it has grown to over 155 faculty members. NIS installed a used 2006 Siemens Somotom Sensation 64 cardiac CT scanner that will be used to examine all types of animals on the N.C. State University campus. Most of the animals that are going to be examined are companion-based animals such as horses and dogs. More than 20,000 patients are diagnosed and treated annually by CVM clinicians and the veterinary health complex at NC State. The University is also a major referral center for veterinarians throughout the Southeast. Nationwide was responsible for the complete turn key installation site planning, shipping, installation, applications and service for this project from start to finish to ensure that the integration of this new system to the school ran as smoothly as possible. The entire system consisted of many components such as the gantry, cabinets, Table , workstations and monitors . Many small accessories were installed into the system to guide the student body in the best way possible. The software that was integrated into the system by Siemens was the latest Syngo s/w version and is considered one (1) of the best operating software offered by Siemens Nationwide offered N.C. State University a very attractive service contract which provided them with expertise on the basis of troubleshooting and maintenance on the system. CVM has chosen to put its focus on six specific program areas: Companion Animal Medicine, Food Supply Medicine, Biomedical Research, Ecosystem Health, Equine Medicine, and Animal Welfare. The Siemens 64 slice scanner will assist the University with various types of medical research and development. Ian Robertson, Head of Radiology for the Veterinary Health Complex of N.C. State University, was instrumental in facilitating all of the site plans of N.C. State’s newly-introduced medical imaging equipment. The installation date for the CT scanner was May of 2011 which was very critical since the start of the new school year was right around the corner. This project is not only important to NIS in becoming a supplier to the academic area of medicine, but it is also imperative to the medical industry since we are beginning to “Create Professionals”. N.C. State strongly believes that hands-on learning and experience are two of the most important ingredients in a Vet’s education; this is why NIS was more than ecstatic to give them this opportunity.

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